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Feb 3, 2014 09:32 AM

Chowhound's best of 2014 - results

A little more complex than in the past, please bear with me...

We had a few less voters than past years but no less diversity, 146 restaurants attracted at least one vote each

First off, here is the top 10 list using the voting system we used in the past years

1) Bar Isabel 26 votes
2) Spendido 14 votes
3) Edulis 13 votes
4) Chantecler 12 votes
5) Bahn Mi Boys 11 votes
6) Momofuku Shoto 10 votes
7) Patria 10 votes
8) Richmond Station 10 votes
9) Santouka 10 votes
10) Bero 9 votes

Honorable mentions with 8 votes each: Sabai Sabei and Zen

I've been looking at several different ways to use the weighted votes that you all cast this year, I started with the idea that I would just assign points to each vote, 10 for a 1st place, 9 for second etc and total up the points and ... the result was so close to the old system that it really didn't seem to be a useful exercise (Santouka was replaced by Zen but the other 9 were the same).

So instead I took the top 25% of the list in terms of votes, then averaged the votes each restaurant got and sorted things by the average:

1) Momofuku Shoto 8.60 points
2) Edulis 8.38 points
3) Bar Isabel 8.00 points
4) Scaramouche 7.83 points
5) Actinolite 7.67 points
6) Jacobs and Co 7.60 points
7) Chantacler 7.42 points
8, 9) Buca, Harbord Room 7.00 points
10) Patria 6.60 points

Finally in honour of the Winter Olympics I also did a sort based on the ordinal placement figure skating style (who got the most 1st place votes, then move along the columns to break any ties)

1) Bar Isabel
2) Edulis
3) Momofuku Shoto
4) Splendido
5) Chantacler
6) Patria
7) Scaramouche
8) Actinolite
9) Buca
10) Jacobs

OK, so just to make this more complex, here is the entire list of places that at least one person named their #1 restaurant:

Bar Isabel
Momofuku Shoto
Ici Bistro
Auberge du Pommier
Yours Truly
Kaiseki Yu-Zen Hashimoto
Al Tanoor

Discuss amongs yourselves

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  1. Wow! Thanks for the hard work. The month of January I chose two restaurants based on what seemed to be getting many votes and which appealed to me. I was very happy with both, they were Santouka and Patria. The point being this exercise is of benefit. Edulis may be my next outing.

    1. Great job bytepusher!! Many thanks!!

      1. bytepusher, thanks for this. Impressive.

        1. Great stuff. For anyone new to the city, this is a very valuable resource. Nice to see Tobey and Michael near the top...great young chefs whose globetrotting really paid off.

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          1. re: TorontoTuna

            Yes, we're fortunate to have as many active posters as we do. It's not the same for Vancouver (for example), where this list would be an amazing resource for me and others new-ish/frequently visiting the city.

          2. Wow, multiple rating systems!

            I really appreciate the "Olympic figure skating" rating (ie. most rated as 1st, 2nd, 3rd place etc), because frankly for me,
            I have a fairly good idea of who I'd rate as top 3, and want to include in my top 10, but the in-betweens are more or less, affected by recency and frequency of visits.

            Thank you for the compilation! I had looked forward to it.