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Whisky Tasting

I'm trying to set up a Whiskey Tasting for my Husband's birthday, I've checked a few bars no one seems to do it, or failing that we could get someone in home- HELP!

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  1. Joe Howell, the owner of Federal Wine & Spirits, may have a recommendation for someone who could do an in-home tasting. http://www.federalwine.com

    1. Whiskeyri holds whiskey tastings at various bars and restaurants in the Providence area. Depending on where you live, Providence is an easy ride down Route 95 South.

      I grew up in Boston and now live in the Providence area.
      Some people are aghast that I drive home after a family get together in Boston, especially if it is late at night. I assure them it is only a 45-minlute drive. Something about crossing a state line conjures up great distances.

      Whiskyri's next tasting is this month at the lovely Waterman Grille located on the Seekonk River in Providence.


      The December Whiskyri tasting was held at the recently opened New Harvest Coffee and Spirits. This elegant little establishment has a fine selection of whiskies. It bills itself as a speakeasy in the evening.


      1. Whiskey Guild has a tasting cruise every year.....don't know if that meets your timetable though:

        1. Citizen has one of the best Whiskey selections in town, check with them.

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            Yes, it looks like they offer "flights" for tasting that change weekly. Thanks for pointing this out, as I may have to investigate too! Looks like Hops and Scotch in Coolidge Corner may also do this.

          2. Cambridge center for adult ed has several whiskey courses on rotation. My wife and I did an American whiskey course a few years ago, and they also do a variety of scotch courses.

            1. Try Bully Boys Distillery in Boston. They do tours and maybe tastings. Local company with great spirits.

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                I don't know about their other products, but their whiskey is frankly terrible and I would never, ever recommend it - especially not for a focused tasting session.

                I will strongly second the Citizen Public recommendation. Their cellar and knowledge are both vast, and if there are any non-whiskey-fanatics in your group (fools) they would have a very solid wine and cocktail menu to play with. The food's pretty great too. It won't give you the distillery experience, obviously, but that's almost impossible to find locally anyway; in every other way, Citizen feels like a good fit.

              2. Citizen does have a great selection. Joy, Sean or Mike would all be great.

                Another option would be Urban Grape. TJ has an interesting selection and I am sure would love to put something special together.

                1. If a non bar setting is OK, I'd try Gordon's in Waltham. They have an extensive learning program and tasting room, as well as a huge selection. A friend went to a scotch seminar there which focused on single malts and was very pleased. I believe they also offer private classes, but not sure about in home.