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Feb 3, 2014 08:12 AM

Santiago & Valparaiso, Chile


Looks like it's been awhile since there was any discussion of Santiago restaurants, so I was hoping for an updated list! We'll be staying in Bellavista, but we're happy to travel by metro to another area of town for a good meal. Any must-hit places in Santiago? Casual or fine is ok, I just want it to be delicious, and hopefully Chilean cuisine, though we're open to others. We will also be heading to Valparaiso for a day and will be having a dinner there as well. Thank you!

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  1. Best meal we had in Valpo was La Concepcion. Pricey, but the service and food and view was unbeatable. We also enjoyed Taulat for tapas and Jaiba y Cordero for the amazing salmon. All within a few blocks of each other on Cerro Concepcion.

    1. We live in Santiago and often hear from people who visit that the food is quite bland, however without trying too hard you will find excellent restaurants. Below is a general list I have been composing since we moved here last year.

      BellaVista, I am not terribly familiar with this area in regards to food as we usually go here for drinks but these two stand out in my mind.

      Il Maestrale for ice cream

      Azul Profundo - nice, specializes in Chilean seafood.

      A hop skip and a jump from Bellavista is Bellas Artes and Lasterria

      Opera There are three parts to Opera, Opera (high end restaurant), Catherdral (club/roof top bar) and Cafe Opera (Casual Dining). Opera is excellent, the wine list is extensive and the service very good, my husband had a broken ankle and the staff brought him a velvet footstool to prop his foot up on without a prompt from us. The Fois Gras is excellent, the Duck Charlotte, for dessert the creme brûlée is very good. Catherdral - the food is ok, somewhat of tapas style food. Cafe Opera makes a lovely roast beef sandwich and the bread (you can buy to take home) is some of the best in Santiago. The ice-cream and desserts stand out on their menu.

      Bocanariz I think this is the best new restaurant in Santiago, I have never had anything but excellent meals, the wine list is extensive and reasonably priced. The lamb stuff red pepper are exceptional as are the trio of smoked meats.

      Pita & Co - nice wraps for a quick lunch.

      New Horizons - excellent and cheap curry, hole in the wall with only a few tables but good for take out or a quick lunch.

      Emporio La Rosa - great ice cream.

      The Clinic - great for drinks in the back indoor courtyard.


      Ozaki - Peruvian Japanese Fusion. Try the chevche roll, the sashimi, especially the pulpo (octopus) it comes with a mint sauce and is delicious, their pisco sours are excellent too. Price -

      Astrid y Gaston - Portions are smallish for the price but the food is very nice.

      Bar Liguria - good food, some say it is a institution, get the waiter to tell you what is good, they won’t steer you wrong.

      El Golf/Las Condes

      Shoogun - Hands down the best sushi in Santiago,

      Migel Torres - wine and tapas bar, pretty good.

      Pardos Chicken - casual dining, a chain from Peru, the chicken is BBQ’s and excellent, it has a delicious smoky flavour.

      W Hotel - Brunch here starts at 11.30am and is $40-odd dollars all you can eat buffet, carving stations, sushi, cheviche, eggs, pancakes and all you can drink Chilean sparkling wine and Bloody Mary’s.

      Vitacura - Mostly a residential area but has a lot of upscale restaurants

      Ox Steakhouse - the scallops are excellent, the steak is good, fairy floss is served before dessert, the creme brûlée is excellent but a large portion. This is probably one of the more expensive restaurants in Santiago.

      Borago - I have mixed feelings about this restaurant, the first time we had a meal here it was excellent, possibly the best meal I have had in Santiago however the second time the service was sloppy and very slow. I think this place is about $80USD for a 6 or 7 course tasting menu.

      Le Fournil - nice French dining, excellent bread.

      Fourtuna - pasta and ice-cream shop, probably of little use to tourists as it is fresh pasta you cook at home, the reason I mention it is they have the best ice-cream in Santiago, dark chocolate with berry infusion and the coconut are amazing.


      Check out La Vega (produce market) and Mercardo Central (Fish market) as they are both interesting to see. There are lots of seafood restaurants in Mercado central, I have never heard of anyone having a great meal in the market so would probably give them a miss unless you can find someone with a recommendation. At La Vega try a Mote con Huesillos (Peach and barley drink) from one of the carts, it is quite interesting.

      1. Just got back from Santiago/Mendoza/Vina del Mar and Valpo. I was underwhelmed by Santiago. We stayed at the Hyatt which was fantastic but its bar and restaurants were seldom open! Next door was a mall, Parque Arauco, filled with American chain restaurants, although we had a good meal at Perla de la Pacifica, a seafood restaurant there. Bellavista was our favourite place - we went to Galindo which has a fantastic asado and Como Agua de Chocolate where we had a marvelous meal, I highly recommend it, it's a lovely place and the service is charming. In Valpo we stayed in the Cerro Alegre/Cerro Concepcion area. Don't stay in the port part, get an ascensor to any of the cerros. We stayed at the Fauna Hotel which has a lovely restaurant on the terrace. In Valpo I recommend Taulat, Totobistot and La Columbina for the view!