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How loyal are YOU to your favorite brand of beer?

Are you THIS loyal???

"Men Set Fire to Shop that ‘Didn't Sell BECKS’"


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  1. Extremely loyal. Though I get adventurous with many varieties of beer, Grain Belt Premium is and always will be a comfort drink for me. I always get a little sad that nowhere outside of the northern midwest has it as an option.

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      Have you tried Grain Belt Nordeast yet?

    2. The post-apocalyptic dystopian in me looks forward to the exciting new kinds of cargo cults we can expect to see in the future.

      1. Not even close. I enjoy trying local potables.

        I would never define Becks as local. Even gold.

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          Becks is local if you live in Bremen...
          For me, no brand loyalty at all. I really enjoy sampling beer flights at out of town brewpubs. A couple are underway in Bradenton FL, finally!

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            Or St. Louis, MO, Munich, or the several other places Beck's is brewerd around the world.

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              I was bummed to learn that the Fosters beer and ale I learned to enjoy in OZ is now brewed in Fort Worth!

        2. I can see complaining if they ran out of 3-Floyds Dreadnaught or Dogfish World Wide...

          .... but burn the place down over swill like Becks??? Imagine what the guy would do if they ran out of Old Milwaukee...

          1. They should have just went with St. Pauli Girl instead. A much better lager than Beck's has been in recent years.

            I am as loyal to my favorite beers as long as they stay loyal to me - meaning when the flavor profile is no longer what I fell in love with, then I move on.

            1. So, I think that most American light beers taste pretty close to each other, and not great. Granted there are slight differences in taste, but not much. (to me of course)
              Anyway, recently i was at a wedding. There was a keg of Coors light. There was also a cash bar where you could buy mixed drinks, and other kinds of beer including Miller Lite. Well, surprisingly there was a table of guys that continually bought the Miller Lite when the free Coors light was available.
              I didn't have either. I payed for Beefeater and Tonics (at the same price as Miller Lite).
              So, i guess these guys were really brand loyal to their Lite beer.

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                I think there are a precious few that also prefer beer out of a bottle over a keg. However, you made the wise choice drinking Beefeater Gin for the same money.

              2. I am loyal in that I try to buy local beer for home consumption, usually the ones in cans for recycling purposes. When out, I play the field. At the airport it is any port in a storm.