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Feb 3, 2014 07:14 AM

Big Game Wrapup

Anyone make anything interesting or noteworthy for the football game last night? Or ordering anything either for that matter?

Personally, I went to a party that had Smokey Joes. Food was good, although reheated wings are never as good as fresh wings, and I couldn't detect any smoke in the pulled brisket sandwich. Overall it was fine, just not particularly memorable.

I'm curious if anyone had anything else new that's worth trying next year.

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  1. We ordered from pomegranate. Southern nuggets were surprisingly good. (Dark meat, coating was kind of battered and a little spicy)

    1. Grow and Behold's Italian sausages served in baguette from Fairway.

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      1. re: AdinaA

        omg- that sounds delicious- hmm

        did you use a spread or a mustard with it?

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          Mustard. I'm a purist. But I also offered fried peppers and onions, to put on top or eat on the side. And some other stuff.

          Plus truly great beers from Brooklyn Brewery.

          Really, when you come down to it, we had everything except a football game.

      2. Ribs, brisket and beans from Corky's in Memphis via the Margolin Hebrew Academy - they were outstanding - brisket melted in your mouth - ribs the meat was failling off the bone - beautiful smoke rings and flavor -

        1. I made mini hot dogs wrapped in pretzel dough - pretzel dogs, if you will. Sliders - always a big hit. French-fried potato sticks. Spiced almonds (those I had to do the day before, to let them cool). And just in time for half-time I made chocolate chip-pretzel cookie bars.

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            Short ribs braised in a dark chocolate stout, with two challas on the side for dipping into extra sauce.
            Grilled dogs + wings.
            Deviled eggs with chunks of hard cervlat salami and israeli pickle in the mix (and mustard instead of mayo).
            And open faced chopped liver minis, on sweet onion roll (zomicks) with slice of cervlat, pickle and sauted red onion.

            1. I don't like or watch football, BUT the daughters were having friends over for the evening and I was drafted to supply the food.

              Since it was a ball game, I went with a meatball theme.

              I made a large batch of mini meatballs and them cooked and presented them in varaiations.

              There was Chickarina Soup in mugs....made with leftover chicken soup from Shabbos.

              Sweet and sour meatballs on toothpicks

              I baked mini grinder rolls and made Three bite meatball subs.

              The kids love cocktail franks in blankets, and because the football is known as a pigskin, I made mini pigs in blankets, but first basted the inside of the puff pastry with bbq sauce then rolled,

              The half-time main meal were Portugese rolls (the closest shape to a football I can easilly get) with either pulled chicken or brisket and coles slaw served at room temp.

              Assorted crudites and dips, chips, soda, etc.

              Youngest daughter baked a football shaped cake for dessert.

              Wife and I hid out in our bedroom for the night. Kids cleaned up after their friends went home. No leftovers. I was told menu was a success....................