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Feb 3, 2014 06:19 AM

Non-Stick large brazier wanted
I'm looking for a large, heavy guage aluminum brazier like the one linked above with a Teflon (not annodized) coating. I sometimes cook for a crowd and delicate items like scrambled eggs & cream sauces would do better @ low heat in non-stick plus they are so much easier to clean.Do they make these type pans in commercial sizes? I have never seen one.

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  1. Never have seen one. Principally used for browning, searing, and braising. However there are xlg. Commercial Non-stick fry/sauté pans for eggs and such.

    1. What about a non-stick roaster over two burners?

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        That's what I have been using but I would like something round and not warped. The commercial electric range in the church i cook in is ancient and I need an un-warped pan.

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          Aha, got it. What about a large non-stick wok? Scrambled eggs will be easy to cook, not sure about the sauce - but couldn't you cook your sauce in a regular non-stick soup pot?

          Will you be using this pan to cook other stuff?

      2. Berndes makes really nice Dutch ovens in a thick aluminum with a DuPont coating. I've use one and I liked it very well. The DO is light but substantial. I successfully browned meat before braising, and the pot can go on the stovetop and then into the oven. It heats up quickly, but it loses heat quickly, unlike cast iron. There are several sorts of these, so poke around Amazon and see if one of them meets your needs. Berndes Tradition 7-Quart Oven

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          I'm looking for 40 quart but thanks anyway!