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Feb 3, 2014 06:09 AM

Trip Review - First time in Philadelphia

Just returned from my first trip to Philadelphia, and I have to say that I'm very impressed. An overview follows:

-Capogiro Gelato - Very good wheat bagel with cream cheese

-Zavino: excellent margherita pizza; great eggplant/roasted red foccaccia
-Paesano: excellent Gustaio, but a bit wet(flatbread was soaked through)
-DiBruno Brothers: great ficelle, cheddar, and roasted veggies for a make-your-own sandwich
-DiNiC's: good roast pork sandwich
-Federal Doughnut: excellent fried chicken

-Zavino: excellent gnocci with red sauce; great brussel sprouts; good "Joey" pizza with sausage; good tiramisu
-Bistro Romano: okay fish; okay pasta; great tiramisu; good cannoli
-Amada: excellent pork flatbread; good avocado/greens salad; excellent berenjenas(whipped ricotta eggplant dish); good patatas bravas; excellent creme catalana

-Bassett's Ice Cream: good cookie dough; great WHYY
-Federal Doughnut: excellent latte donut; good chocolate sea salt donut; good gingerbread donut
-4th street bakery: ok double chocolate chip cookie(tasted like Tollhouse cookies)
-Metropolitan bakery: good almond polenta cake; good fig bars; millet muffin TBD
-Wilbur's: great dark and milk chocolate kisses
-Blue Mountain Vineyards: great white wines; okay red wines
-Weyerbacher Belgian tripel: great Belgian

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    1. re: PhillyBestBYOB

      Sweet: pumpkin latte doughnut from Federal Doughnuts

      Savory: Gustaio sandwich

    2. Glad you enjoyed the culinary scene, just curious what were your thoughts on the city itself?

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      1. re: Infield286

        We liked Philly in general, but only were able to explore Center City as we were just there for 2 nights and didn't have a car. Some favorites:

        Franklin Institute: Awesome science museum for a mechanical engineer/kid at heart. Tons of hands-on exhibits.

        Rocky Steps: Had to run up the steps at the art museum, and happened to find an outdoor workout group up top that I joined with briefly to do squats, stairs, and push-ups.

        Exploring around Market/Chestnut/13th streets was nice too.

        I would recommend Philly for a weekend trip to explore.

        1. re: tuftsauto

          If you actually keep going after the so called Rocky steps and around the back there is a big building with artwork inside ;-)

          Love to hear someone enjoyed the city without mentioning either cheesesteaks or the historical district.

          1. re: cwdonald

            Loved how you phrased that, CW!

      2. Wow, that was quite a few stops! How long were you here and where did you stay?

        1. Thank you for taking the time to write a comprehensive review. Good job!

          1. Thanks for the feedback. Always nice to get a candid opinion.