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Feb 3, 2014 05:55 AM

Suggestions for Italian reataurant in Forest Hills?

My sister's 65th birthday is next month and I'm looking to hold a celebration dinner for 10 people in her honor. Italian is her favorite cuisine; does anyone have suggestions for a an outstanding Italian restaurant in Forest Hills?

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  1. there are no outstanding restaurants in forest hills, period. unfortunately. There are however, some pretty good ones in the vicinity. my husband went to many office xmas parties at alberto's on metropolit and said the food was consistently very good and atmosphere works for party..I don't know how dee's is these days, but that is a possibility, stay away from the family restaurant on queens blvd, it's vile, and Portofino also awful. --there is another place further down on queens blvd, which is pricier and it's received mixed reviews from people that have been there that I know and their service is not friendly at all from what I hear..sorry blanking on the name at the moment, but it's on a corner...I can recommend King Umberto's for a party it's in Elmont, the food is always great and the service is great--I eat here all the time..parking can be a bit difficult, but I think they have valet at night...and their specials as well as regular menu always great.

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      My family and I had dinner several weeks ago at King Umberto, and I was disappointed. My chicken Marsala was terrible, dry as a bone with a salty sauce that tasted like anything but wine. My side order of pasta, which I asked for with oil and garlic, was also very dry. Hardly any oil, and a very tiny portion. I used to enjoy this restaurant, but something changed unfortunately.

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        you should complain--fill out that card at end of meal and tell your waiter..they would bring you something else if you didn't like it...they have another chef there besides the main one--maybe he was cooking..LOL....that is unusual, the only times I have had subpar meals is on a busy weekend, I generally try to go weekday evening and I eat in the cheaper pizzarea section rather than the fancier restaurant as you can get the kids menu there--and it's same food and you can get specials there...sometimes we'll eat in the other space if we're with a larger group of friends..they happen to make the best linguine with garlic with grilled chicken, it's much garlic in there...

    2. My family really likes La Vigna on Metropolitan Ave. They are always hosting groups of your size.

      1. Give Tuscan Hills a try; one of the better Italians in FH. Located on QB close to Union Tpke.

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          that's the place I was thinking of on corner, but heard very mixed things about it, good friend of mine didn't care for it, and service was not good either...there is also the other italain place on metropolitan on corner, Il Poeta, my husband ate there couple times, thought it was average and overpriced--what do you order at La Vigna? whatever you do don't go to sarabella or I think they call it villa Isabella, I'll say no more because of the rules here on chowhound--

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            Villa Isabella is no more. It is now the south branch of Dirty Pierre's. I haven't been impressed by Il Poeta. Soft pasta and misrepresented food (farmed striped bass, possibly tilapia, sold as wild bass). I get a variety of things at La Vigna, depending on the specials. Not everything is great, but so far it's the best Italian I've had in FH.

        2. Does it need to be Forest Hills? The best eatery in Forest Hills that's Italian is Nick's Pizza and I don't think that's what you're looking for?

          1. You might want to try Joe Abbraciamento in nearby Middle Village before it closes for good. I've heard their Italian food is very good. Also good is a longtime old-school Italian in Corona called the Parkside.

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              Not what they used to be...skip them both..

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                Since the OP instead the event is, for next month, chances are Joe Abbraciamento's will be shuttered. They are closing their doors for good on March 2nd l. Even if they planned on sticking around an extra month, a long time venue closing up shop just seems like a depressing place to be.

                I have not been, so pardon me for offering a place I don't have experience at, but Tuscan Hills has very positive reviews and I have been interested in trying it myself.