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Feb 3, 2014 05:03 AM

Berger Cookies in DC?

Does anyone know where one can buy Baltimore's Berger Cookies in the District these days?

Or, can anyone suggest a similar DC treat that make good hostess gifts?


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  1. IMO, Berger Cookies would make a good hostess gift only if you know that the hostess likes them. Many people don't like them. They are a Baltimore (not DC) tradition and not really packaged in a way that says "hostess gift" again unless the hostess likes them.

    You can search by zip code:

    1. I haven't looked recently, but I've seen them in various Giant stores.

      1. They are usually around random drug stores and some gas stations with a store in the DC area. I agree with Just Visiting though as far as a hostess gift. My brother loves them so I ship them to him in Northern CA. But almost everyone else I know can't stand them.

        What about Mumbo sauce? That's a huge DC thing and can be found at a lot of Chinese restaurants or upper end grocery stores.

        1. The Italian Store in Arlington always has them.

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            If I were at the Italian store, I'd find at least a half dozen things that would be better as hostess gifts than Berger cookies, even though they might not be "DC treats." I was being diplomatic about the Berger cookies. I have been perplexed by their appeal since I first learned of them 40 years ago when I worked in Baltimore. Every now and again, someone would walk over to Lexington Market and bring back Berger cookies and everyone in the office made a huge fuss. Ugh. Soft cookie, no real flavor, with a thick layer of overly sweet fudge-like chocolate. I was really put off by the claim of the owners that the proposed trans-fat ban will ruin their cookies. They aren't that good to begin with, but besides that, these cookies were around for years before commercial transfats became available.

            1. re: Just Visiting

              I really like them, but taste is personal. A fun DC hostess gift is getting the capitol cast in chocolate from the Chocolate Moose too. Some some in two pieces and you can put something inside.

              There are not a lot of iconic DC hostess gifts, maybe Georgetown Cupcakes.

              1. re: Just Visiting

                I second you. I'm from Baltimore and even in Baltimore Berger's aren't widely eaten and many people are clear they don't like them. If anyone gave me a box of Berger's, I'd accept it politely and quietly toss them out the next day. No one in my family, including two hungry teenage boys, will eat them.

                As for hostess gifts, what about a crab seasoning mix? There's usually packages that feature Old Bay Seasoning and a few crab mallets.

            2. I think that Brookeville Supermarket on Connecticut Ave in Cleveland Park may sell them.