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Feb 3, 2014 04:26 AM

Pancakes - What's Your Favorite Type??

Pancakes, there are certain moments where the luring aroma of pancakes cooking on the flat top of my favorite little breakfast place just captivate my senses.

There lots of different styles of pancakes. Large thick cake types, thin buttermilk, whole wheat, ones that have chocolate chips or other fruits/nuts embedded in them, crepes, blintzes, pigs in blankets. The possibilities are endless, not to mention the syrup toppings.

I like my pancakes that are thin sponge sponge style about the size of a normal diner plate, cooked to a golden brown, loaded with butter, sometimes real maple syrup but, mostly just butter.

How about you? What are your favorite style pancakes and how do you like them served?

Bet you want some right....Now!

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  1. I like buckwheat pancakes, pretty thick, luncheon plate size with real maple syrup and sliced apples. And butter.

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    1. re: magiesmom

      Substitute fresh, plump blue berries for the apples and you have my favorite.

    2. Meltaway style. I don't like thick, doughy pancakes. Meltaways are a style that is much harder to find now.

      And it is especially good in buckwheat.

      Yeast-raised pancakes are also excellent.

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      1. re: Karl S

        I have never heard of meltaway style. But googled it and think I would like them.

        I don't like thick doughy or cakey pancakes, which I find in most restaurants, so I rarely order pancakes when out.

        At home, Mr. S makes lovely thin buttermilk pancakes. Actually, he makes thicker ones for himself, then thins the batter down and makes the thinner ones for me.

        1. re: Karl S

          One of my current favorites are made with ricotta and lemon zest. Really light and airy.

          1. re: treb

            I like ricotta pancakes too - the lightness is fabulous. I don't think I've had the meltaway style but it looks like something I would enjoy.

            1. re: treb

              Yes, there's a recipe I've been using that calls for Greek yogurt and lemon. Such a nice texture, and the tanginess goes so well with maple syrup.

              1. re: sgogo

                Maybe I'll sub in Greek Yogurt for the ricotta, sounds good.

              1. re: treb

                It's a term for a light, very tender, relatively thin, pancake that melts in your mouth compared to bigger, doughier pancakes. There's no one type of recipe that gets this result, it's a matter of style. One common approach is to separate egg yolks and whites, and use sour cream, but I've had meltaway style buckwheat pancakes that don't use eggs or much dairy.

                1. re: Karl S

                  That's probably what I referred to as thin and like a sponge consistency. Now I have a new name for them. I don't care for thick cake type pancakes, too dry for me.

            2. My absolutely first choice would be fluffy pancakes with lots of plump juicy blueberries smothered in real maple syrup.
              Don’t think I ever had a buckwheat pancake, I will need to find a recipe to try next weekend!
              This post got me thinking about how we used to celebrate shrove Tuesday in school, pancakes made out of a box, smothered in fake syrup, with a styrofoam cup of watered down hot chocolate all eating outside on long tables. Boy those were delicious!

              1. Had pancakes for breakfast both Saturday and Sunday, so no, don't want them now. I like light and airy, about 6" diameter smothered in butter and strawberry preserves.

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                1. re: wadejay26

                  I hear ya, butter....butter... and more butter.

                2. Pineapple or banana foster pancakes if I'm in the mood for something really sweet but typically I enjoy plain pancakes with soft goat cheese and apricot jam.