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Bucks County (or Washington Crossing)

This Friday (Feb7) I'll be road tripping from N NJ down to Bucks County, Washington Crossing (Crossing Vineyards), Lambertville and Princeton. Any great chow spots for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, etc? Ideally healthy/veggie-friendly.

thank you!

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  1. In New Hope (right across from Lambertville) I would recommend two spots.. Harvest, and Sprig and Vine. Caffe Galleria in Lambertville has a nice selection of vegetarian items as well.

    1. Bowman's Tavern in Washington's Crossing would be a good lunch choice. The Pass is just north of Lambertville, in Rosemont.

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        I highly second the Pass which is up in Rosemont. However I would not call it veggie friendly. The chef is known for house made chacuterie. The food is quite good.

        I personally am not a fan of Bowmans but lots of other people are.

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          I hate to be another naysayer, but I've also had ehh to bad experiences at Bowman's. Very greasy.

        2. The Pass just got a great review in the NY Times (I haven't been yet):


          Charcoal in Yardley is maybe the most molecular restaurant in the area. Another place I've never been for some reason, but the menus always look good.


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            Charcoal is awesome but I would not call it veggie friendly.

          2. Breakfast: In New Hope there is C'est La Vie. This is a little French bakery recessed from the main street. Great coffee, croissants, etc. if you're feeling a continental breakfast.

            Lunch: In New Hope, Sprig & Vine is right up your alley. It is in a trendy/swanky shopping center, but it's the most veg friendly option in the area.

            Lunch: In Princeton there is the Whole Earth Cafe. This is the greenest grocer I know. Vegetarianism is almost looked down upon here. It's full-blown vegan. Try the Whole Earth Salad at the sit-down area. Warning. This is a natural-health store first, so not a restaurant.

            Lunch/Lite Dinner: In Newtown (in the same vicinity) there is a place called Cafe Con Leche that also doubles as a Vegan restaurant named Green Tea. Tons of great salads and other heartier vegan dishes. Great vegan soups to start. My favorite is the Energy Salad with seared tofu. I like to start with a quinoa-kale or butternut squash-jalapeno soup.

            Dinner: Lambertville has Hamilton Grille, which is a little fancier and captures the eclectic spirit of the area very well.

            1. Princeton for dinner: Element's new sister restaurant Mistral is sensational (and BYOB):


              1. In Lambertville there is El Tule, a Peruvian BYOB restaurant (they also have good Mexican food). Especially if you eat fish, it's great -- awesome ceviche. Anything from the Peruvian menu is good.

                1. You could stop in Frenchtown, NJ and go to Lovin Oven! They always have veggie friendly stuff on their menu. And they are very yummy. Also, the Stockton Market has lots to eat.