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Feb 3, 2014 01:40 AM

Bucks County (or Washington Crossing)

This Friday (Feb7) I'll be road tripping from N NJ down to Bucks County, Washington Crossing (Crossing Vineyards), Lambertville and Princeton. Any great chow spots for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, etc? Ideally healthy/veggie-friendly.

thank you!

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  1. In New Hope (right across from Lambertville) I would recommend two spots.. Harvest, and Sprig and Vine. Caffe Galleria in Lambertville has a nice selection of vegetarian items as well.

    1. Bowman's Tavern in Washington's Crossing would be a good lunch choice. The Pass is just north of Lambertville, in Rosemont.

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        I highly second the Pass which is up in Rosemont. However I would not call it veggie friendly. The chef is known for house made chacuterie. The food is quite good.

        I personally am not a fan of Bowmans but lots of other people are.

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          I hate to be another naysayer, but I've also had ehh to bad experiences at Bowman's. Very greasy.

        2. The Pass just got a great review in the NY Times (I haven't been yet):

          Charcoal in Yardley is maybe the most molecular restaurant in the area. Another place I've never been for some reason, but the menus always look good.

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            Charcoal is awesome but I would not call it veggie friendly.

          2. Breakfast: In New Hope there is C'est La Vie. This is a little French bakery recessed from the main street. Great coffee, croissants, etc. if you're feeling a continental breakfast.

            Lunch: In New Hope, Sprig & Vine is right up your alley. It is in a trendy/swanky shopping center, but it's the most veg friendly option in the area.

            Lunch: In Princeton there is the Whole Earth Cafe. This is the greenest grocer I know. Vegetarianism is almost looked down upon here. It's full-blown vegan. Try the Whole Earth Salad at the sit-down area. Warning. This is a natural-health store first, so not a restaurant.

            Lunch/Lite Dinner: In Newtown (in the same vicinity) there is a place called Cafe Con Leche that also doubles as a Vegan restaurant named Green Tea. Tons of great salads and other heartier vegan dishes. Great vegan soups to start. My favorite is the Energy Salad with seared tofu. I like to start with a quinoa-kale or butternut squash-jalapeno soup.

            Dinner: Lambertville has Hamilton Grille, which is a little fancier and captures the eclectic spirit of the area very well.

            1. Princeton for dinner: Element's new sister restaurant Mistral is sensational (and BYOB):