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Feb 3, 2014 12:57 AM

Tokyo and Kyoto help

So I'll be making a trip to japan in the middle of April this year, I'm looking for recommendations for the following

Kyoto tofu: the research is doing my head in, too many places, but I'm looking for a kaiseki meal that's centered primarily around tofu, (shoraian?)

General kaiseki in Tokyo: anything that's In the 8000yen price zone, preferably for dinner?

My current Tokyo list is as follows:
Sushi saito(anyone know what has happened? I know they are moving to a new location, but I've been calling their number and either no one picks up or it goes to automated voice mail, new phone number?)
Ryugin, my best meal in Tokyo previously
Yardbird(how much are the lunch set menus?)
Fuku(yakitori recommebded by a friend)
Aronia de takazawa(worth the price? If not... Other substitutions? Quintessence?)
Hidemi sugino
Kondo or Rakutei?

I am basing this list off the previous trip I made to Tokyo, are there any notable new restaurants I should be looking into? Looking for more sushi recommendations in the 8000yen region as well, a place to have good chirashi around tsukiji, and places to have coffee in Tokyo!

Any help or input is appreciated!

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  1. Yardland? I think that's in HK. Do mean Birdland?

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      I think I just combined yardbird and birdland... I meant to say birdland of course

    2. Try to call sushi Saito at dinner time, around 19:00, for April you might have a chance if you stay open on possible date during your stay.
      For your 8000yens, I do recommend sushi Sagane in Nishi Shinjjuku, first omakase is at 7800 without taxes ! Be aware that, in April, prices might change, as consumer taxes will be raised, and there is no need to be in politics to know that is the best time for restaurant to raise their price... The chef does not speak English, but if you want to enjoy a good sushi, good quality, that's a good place !

      For chirashi sushi, I do think this time, sushi Sho has a good chirashi, but there is no sushi sho style near Tsukiji !

      There is a trend for French and Yakitori, if you've liked that kind of menu combined, half price Birdland, there is Yakitori Banchou in the Shim Marinouchi Bldg, 2 hours max limited hour for dinner, popular ambiance.,

      1. To combine your two requests, I would suggest Tofuya Ukai in Tokyo.
        We went there for lunch last trip (about 6 courses I think for about 6,000 yen without drinks)
        I believe dinner is more expensive.

        We had a really wonderful lunch that centered around their homemade tofu in different styles.
        The atmosphere is kyoto-like, in that they have a large property with private rooms, and service by waitresses in kimono.

        The food was really lovely. Lunch lasted almost 3 hours, if I recall correctly.

        A wonderful experience.