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Feb 2, 2014 07:51 PM

Looking for PB2 in MTL

Hi all,

I'm looking to purchase PB2 ( in MTL. Anyone know if it's available locally ? I can order it from Amazon (free shipping but huge markup from resellers) or from the company itself (with 32 $ shipping) but I would prefer to buy it when I run out instead of buying large amounts to offset the shipping costs.

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  1. I am yet to find any in Montreal. The most reasonable price I have found online ships from Ottawa:

    1. For my information, what is special about it compared to other peanut butters?

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      1. re: williej

        It is in powder form, so you can sprinkle it or easily add it to a smoothie (my use). On the nutrition side, it has 85 % of the fat contents removed so the calorie count is half of regular natural peanut butter

        1. re: LordWilmore

          According to the Bell Plantation website, Altra Foods Inc in Anjou imports PB2. I gave them a call and apparently the IGA on Cavendish now carries PB2! I am definitely going to check out how much they are charging. I hadn't done any investigating since I started ordering PB2 at FitShop last year.

      2. You won't find it in Canada, trust me I've looked. I used to order it from They sometimes have deals on it and their shipping is respectable compared to Amazon. What I do is buy it directly by the case from Bell Plantation and ship it to friends in the states or wherever we vacation to south of the border.

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        1. re: corj

          It is available online through Low Carb Canada (

          1. re: eat2much

            Yes, and also from fitshop and at the CSL IGA. And that means we can no longer trust corj.

            1. re: SnackHappy

              I wasn't able to find any at the IGA on Cavendish today but there was no manager around to ask either. It is definitely available in Canada, but the hunt in Montreal continues.

              1. re: scipie

                there's another iga with more health food products in csl shopping center

        2. I live in Montreal and I get it at Popeyes (Supplements, not the chicken which I don't think exists in Canada) on University. The last time I was a little annoyed because they only had the chocolate peanut butter... but they normally have both flavours. Hope that helps!

          It was my little secret, hope you don't buy the city's entire supply!

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          1. re: Rubydee

            Popeye had two jars (now only one) of regular PB2, a couple of jars of chocolate and five 1lb bags of chocolate when I went at lunchtime. Thanks Rubydee !

            1. re: LordWilmore

              I guess I'll have to run over and get the other jar then. Glad you got some!

            2. re: Rubydee

              Popeye's chicken has been in Canada since the mid 90s. It's only in southern Ontario, though.

            3. Hi Lord,

              I sale BP2 on amazon and I still have some stock in Montreal. Minimum quantity is 5 units at 7$ each (= 35$), you can also avoid shipping fees since you are in Montreal.

              contact me if this interest you: m [dot] alaingauthier [at] gmail [dot] com