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Feb 2, 2014 07:34 PM

L.A. to Las Vegas this decision help please.

Greetings hounds. Hubs and I are coming to Las Vegas sometime this month for 3 (to be determined) nights. "Sage" is comping our dinner after they had some major internal glitches when we went for my birthday in November. So 1 night is decided :)
We're biting the bullet this time by NOT going to our beloved Joe's, as just this time, we've decided that new experiences might be just what the doctor ordered.
We've read one post that mentioned great steaks in places we've yet to try. "Carne Vino" sounds pretty much at the top of the heap. I remember having a fabulous Porterhouse at Delmonico, and we had great fillets at SW. Would be appreciated if someone might compare these 3 places.
Additionally, we may do a blow out meal. We've done Joel Robuchon, and Le Cirq. Been reading so much good about Twist, and this is a big contender. But have also wondered about the Guy Savoy secondly, it would be awesome to hear a comparison of those two high end restaurants.
Thanks so much for reading this...and helping us out.

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  1. Le Cirq was quite a bit cheaper than the other two (which was our way of economizing) but it was fantastic. And this from some hard to please folks. Food, room ,service all top notch. At some point the amount you spend, no matter how great the meal starts to affect your enjoyment. At some point you start asking is this worth it? Le Cirq is much better than the NYC version over the years. You won't be disappointed.

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    1. Carnevino is outstanding, Jeff - if you truly want to experience it at its very best consider contacting them in advance about the "Riserva" steaks.

      Having been to all the "Big 3" French spots, plus Le Cirque, Picasso, and Alex when it was open I personally believe Twist to be beyond reproach in terms of creativity - they've sumply found a new level under Chef Ryuki and the current menu is unreal.

      Given your penchant for pizzas, you may want to check out Setebello off strip for their take on traditional Naples style pie, as well.

      If you have some advanced notice, shoot me an e-mail if you want to catch a meal together. Sorry we missed one another last time you were here (and when I was in LA) - Stefan and I spoke of you guys at chi SPACCA and both wish you'd have made it out.

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        Also, Sweets Raku should be on your short list.

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          Good tips! Thanks hounds.
          Laughing at me...spelling out "Le Cirq".....guess I've still got Le Cinq on my brain. :) That spot was in quite a different zip code.

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            Le Cinq >>>>>>> Le Cirque. :-)

      2. Carne Vino- pretty freaking good- esp the longer dry aged steaks the someitmes have- taste like blue cheese. Def the best of those 3. Godon Ramsay steak is also extremely good, oddly less steak house like though.

        Second Raku. I assume you've tried Lotus?

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        1. re: CastorTroyLV

          Thanks CastorTroy,
          It is a given now that we will experience Carne Vino. Have been to Lotus.

        2. Actually dined at Guy Savoy a few days ago and it was the best experience I've had in Las Vegas (we've been going for many years). In fact, it was probably one of the top 2-3 meals I've had in the last year.

          We liked it a lot more than our experience at Robuchon. The service and the food were better. We did a tasting menu and the amount of food was just about perfect. With so many tasting menus it seems that the restaurant's intent is to make you almost miserable by the end of the meal. Not the case here.

          We also liked the wine list and service better than JR. Hope that helps. If you want to spend this kind of money, I would go to Guy Savoy first.

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          1. re: HoosierFoodie

            I did the Innovation menu at Guy Savoy last year which was superb. Made me a big fan. Plan to return in November.

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              They also recently bought the largest Black Truffle in Las Vegas History...

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                And here I thought that we were the only ones to have not been totally blown away by our evening at JR.

                Without a doubt, I know that life is going quite well, if my biggest concern is where we will be dining...looks like we're vacillating again, other than our first night, which we've booked at Blossom in the Aria. We are staying at Caesars, so now it's time to re-think Guy Savoy.
                Thank you for your input.

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                  Blossom is lovely. Good choice. Lots of great Chinese cuisine in LA, but not much that is upscale/refined.