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The Cider Press Cafe Opens in Naples, Florida

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Finally a delicious place that has all vegan/vegetarian offerings. The food is "gourmet" level, and prices are reasonable.
It just opened last week, and already it's slammed. Give them a week or so to hire more help. While the menu will change, must haves for now are the corn chowder and the vanilla "ice cream".
One produce grower is 7 miles away-the food is harvested in the morning, and on your plate for lunch. Who else can top that for farm-to-plate freshness? The cuisine is also free of gluten, dairy, MSG, peanuts, trans fat, sugar and tofu. Huh? Tofu-free at a vegetarian spot? Yep, some are sensitive to soy beans! If you have a food allergy that isn’t covered by this, just put in your request, and your wishes should be met. Let me know your thoughts.
They are at Piper’s Crossing Shopping Center at 1201 Piper Blvd., #26, (East end of the shopping strip that's on the North side of Immokalee, across from Sam’s), 631-2500, ciderpresscafe.com

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  1. Love that you have posted the first new entry to "An Insatiable Appetite" in about a year. I look forward to many more regular posts and reviews in the coming weeks. Please!

    1. Hi Nosh,

      Good to be back! It wa a super busy year for me. I have more time to write. And eat. And try to lose that weight that coincidentally comes with eating!