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Feb 2, 2014 04:25 PM

Birmingham restaurant week, can't chose

Have not been to Tallulah's, Social, or the Stand. Lunch menus look good so want to hit one. Any ideas? Maybe go to another for dinner.
That will FUN!

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  1. We went to Social last Friday and had an amazing dinner experience. Everything was spot on like usual---great service, vibrant crowd, delicious food. The salad sizes are huge as usual but the entrees were a little smaller...which was actually appreciated. We got the kale and chop salad. And then I had the steak frites for my entree. The steak was rather small and thin but so packed with flavor I didn't really care. And I got tons of frites. My husband got the barramundi skillet which is a favorite of ours.

    We got the dessert wrapped up to go and ate it the next day (or in my husband's case, when he got home haha).

    After our dinner the manager came around to make sure everything was to our liking and to our shock and surprise he presented us with 2 $10 gift certificates to come back and have a meal on a non-Restaurant Week date. I've done Restaurant Week all over Michigan, DC, Boston etc etc. Never have a seen a restaurant do this and it was such a classy move. Social is one of our favorite restaurants so we would have returned no matter what but this was a super smart move on their behalf.

    Also if you go to Social for lunch get the warm chicken salad---it's one of my favorite sandwiches on earth!

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      Thank you for the reminder! Their lunch menu was very intriguing to me for that entree, the kale salad, and the pecan pie, all for $15. I've been wanting to check this place off my list (sort of, in a way, to dismiss it), and this did actually pique my interest. Their chicken salad is that good, is it?