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Feb 2, 2014 04:24 PM

Avenue N (Rumford RI) - am I missing something?

Last night, I brought a friend to Avenue N for dinner, since he wanted to try some place new (we usually dine on the East Side). I had been to Avenue N once before - about 18 months ago, and was under-whelmed. Last night was no different. Yet the place was packed, and many of my friends rave about this place. What am I missing?

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  1. I've eaten at Avenue N a number of times over the past few years. I think it's a popular neighborhood option, great for EP folks who want a better than average meal without going over the river. I get that. There are places I eat in the East Bay that I enjoy for what they are, but if I moved to Warwick, I probably wouldn't drive to get to them. I basically feel that way about Avenue N. Nice and convenient for locals, not worth a big trip or special occasion. There really isn't a lot like it in EP--that's probably why it's so busy all the time. I've certainly never been bowled over by anything I ate there--never disliked anything either.

    1. Well, in its area (East Providence) it's one of the best games in town, and I think its reviews get inflated for that reason. It's like Red Stripe in Wayland Square. We live in that neighborhood and like Red Stripe a lot. It's a great *neighborhood* restaurant. But is it a destination place? Would we tell someone from Newport to drive up just to go there? No way...

      Same with Avenue N. It's fine, really great for the neighborhood actually, but there's no reason otherwise for someone from the East Side to drive past Blaze, Restaurant Bar, Red Stripe, Cook and Brown, Farmstead, etc. etc. to go there...

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        1. Ave. N.s food is simple, great taste, executed well served professionally and no leaves, dots of sauce that don't make one difference, Food that doesn't come from some foreign animal's part. Thats why there are still in business.

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            Thanks for the replies - and Garris, I'm glad you mentioned Red Stripe...another restaurant I (and my friend) were underwhelmed by the handful of times we went - but mobbed. Avenue N reminded me very much of that place - and one of the things we mentioned when we left the restaurant.