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Feb 2, 2014 03:19 PM

Interesting Chocolate Suggestions?

My now-wife and my first date was to a chocolate festival many years ago and I want to take her some place that does something interesting with chocolate here in LA as a call-back to that day. We have done churros caliente, mole negro, several of the chocolate bar places in LA, some ice cream and gelato places. What chocolate dishes have you had that were interesting, whether sweet or savory, and where?

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  1. Why limit yourself to one establishment, much less one dish?

    How about an entire chocolate tour?

    For something in the more traditional sit-down vein, try SAAM and see if they will tailor a dessert tasting menu that is chocolate-centric.

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      The tour is a good idea, except the day of the week. I may try to work it anyway, give her a "ticket" for it on Wednesday and then go on Friday.

      SAAM seems a bit expensive, but will be perfect for the 10th anniversary of that first date when is next year.

      Thanks for the suggestions!

    2. I recently took a chocolate-loving friend to the Chocolate Tea at the Langham in Pasadena. The room was charming, the service spot on, and we took a lovely walk around the grounds afterward.

      They infuse chocolate into all the tea items - there is chocolate scented tea offered, and chocolate is infused into the savory sandwiches also. There are displays of chocolate desserts set up around the room - truffles, cakes, tarts, cookies, cupcakes, etc. - and a large chocolate fountain with all sorts of things to dip into it. The food isn't exactly exquisite, but it's a very nice experience and definitely has the chocolate theme you're looking for.

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        That sounds fun sometime too. Thanks.