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Feb 2, 2014 02:42 PM


Yes I am that angry

So we have vaulted ceilings in our 900 sq foot NYC apt and the area where the smoke detector is has a height of probably 12-14 feet- its basically a pocket that the detector sits in.
It goes off CONSTANTLY. And when it goes off, it doesnt want to stop.

We start the vent van (which does vent to the outside) and open all the windows and turn on our HVAC fan every time we're even THINKING of cooking something that might spit and still. IT GOES OFF EVERY TIME. My husband, who is 6'3, can barely shut it off by pushing the button with a broom handle but sometimes it just keeps going for 5+ minutes.

WE ARE NOT BURNING THINGS. WE ARE NOT IN DANGER. We are doing such things as:
Caramelizing the crust on a pork shoulder
Cooking chicken thighs
Searing a steak

The list goes on. This thing is hyper sensitive and annoying. I am thisclose to just removing it completely, but obv that is not a great idea.

We've looked up detectors that have a remote, but google says they all suck.

This is causing marital discord (also, our dogs run and hide and one was actually LOST IN A SNOW DRIFT on our porch for 10 minutes during one such recent incident.)

PLEASE someone tell me what you do in this situation. I have NEVER encountered such an annoying/sensitive smoke alarm (although it may just be the placement of it, which we cant really change.) Does anyone have a remote alarm that they like?

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  1. I want to further re-iterate that we are NOT BURNING THINGS. I have been cooking these same things for the better part of a decade with NO ISSUE. This alarm is seriously going to drive me insane.

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      Move it farther from the stove, to an accessible location. If it's wired in place, disconnect it and buy a battery-op one that you locate in a better spot.

    2. Oh my God!!!
      You must be my new neighbor!!!!!
      Take the batteries out, the relocate it to above your front door.

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      1. re: Ttrockwood

        Lol we are not new but trust me we are sensitive to how annoying this must be to neighbors

      2. Relocate the smoke detector. As you yourself state, it is in a pocket where smoke rises to. I am sure you can find a better spot where real dangers will be detected but regular cooking won't cause the thing to go off. It must be extremely annoying!

        1. Why can't you change the position of the alarm? Ours is located just outside our bedroom, on the supposition that we would most want to hear it when we're asleep. Even then, sometimes we aim a fan at it when we're cooking. (We have a small home.) Putting a spatter screen over an open pan also cuts down on stuff getting into the air, which is what gets the alarm excited. Good luck!!

          1. Holy shit. Welcome to my world. Small, unrenovated NYC apartment. NO EFFING HOOD OR FAN. Alarm goes off if I deign to glance at the stove/oven. I also am not burning things. It is called COOKING. I am roasting vegetables, browning meat, sauteing garlic to begin any dish. I am certain my neighbors loathe me.

            I rent so I can't move the alarm. And taking the battery out causes it to chirp. Incessantly. KILL ME NOW.

            So other than threadjacking you and venting, I'm afraid all I can contribute is that my "solution" has been to position a fan directly underneath it, pointing upwards, on its highest setting. The constant air flow seems to sufficiently "dilute" whatever it is that it keeps detecting.

            My sympathies.