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Feb 2, 2014 02:41 PM

Panda Panda, Deptford, London

The banh mi had good crusty bread, crisp on the surface, breaking easily into a cushiony interior. Got their banh mi vietnams that came with two types of sliced pork, and some sweet creamy mayo in the centre, and perhaps a bit of pate, but not much of the livery flavour. Not much of the umami from a usual dash of maggi, but there's a nice coriander to top things off. Falls into the realm of very good not great for me.

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  1. Good to see they're still knocking out decent banh mi.Haven't been for a while. I like their banh mi vietnams. Too much coriander for my liking but the pork was good and I thought the pate had a nice liver punch. Maybe changed the pate they're using?
    BTW I believe I read on here that they stopped doing banh mi but reinstated them due to an outcry on Facebook.

    1. Any crisp sweet pickles (carrots, turnips)? I love those in banh mi.

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        Yep - the bunch of the usual condiments. The pickles were sort of at the bottom with the mayo.

        1. re: limster

          There's no substitute for having one off the streets of Saigon or Hanoi, but my fave in Singapore is from Baguette the Viet Deli in Vivocity (next to Jamie Oliver's Italian) - generous amount of sweet pickled vegies plus cut red peppers & sprigs of coriander leaves atop the pressed ham and liver pate.