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Chicken Livers, What To Do?

In another thread on Antonio's in Sherman Oaks we were discussing Spaghetti Caruso which is made with chicken livers. Well, I'm at a loss. I suppose there is chopped chicken liver, pate and dirty rice. Then what? And once you figure out, then what, tell me where.. Thanks.

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  1. Wonderful chicken liver mousse with roasted green apple, rye toast at Superba Snack Bar in Venice.

    1. You might check out what Nanban-Kan does with their skewered chicken livers.


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        By jove Servorg I think you've got it. Now were on the track to some interesting things to do with chicken livers and where to do it.

      2. I know what they do with them in my wife's favorite hometown restaurant [The Cellar], which is in Geneseo, IL. They lightly bread and pan fry them!


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          What time is the next flight? Only teasing. I'll try the link.

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            Ok. Checked the link and it seems like a nice restaurant in Illinois. Only $1057 in fuel costs according to the directions link. Do you think we might find a restaurant a bit closer. Like even Orange County (shudder).

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              Sorry, I didn't see you were in Sherman Oaks ... Thanks for the snark! I deserve it.

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              I do something similar except I bake them in the oven instead of pan frying. They cook very quickly, less than 30 minutes...

            3. Saute w/ butter & shallot; deglaze the pan with a little red wine; cool & put in food processor; add 8oz cream cheese & some green peppercorns; process till smooth. It's a fake pate but it's tasty.

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                If your talking about sautéing a lb of chicken livers, what's fake about that?

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                  Hey, now I need a restaurant right here in LA that will make those Filipino chicken livers. Isn't there a place called something like TiGeorge??? They do chicken so maybe they do chicken livers.

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                    TiGeorge is a Haitian restaurant and chicken livers are not on menu. Roscoe's chicken and waffles does have fried chicken livers on menu.

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                    Yup! Just checked them out on Yelp and someone was kind enough to take a picture of the menu http://www.yelp.com/biz/donahoos-gold... and it shows chicken livers. Not bad JAB. I'm sure hoping we can find more places and maybe as I said earlier a little closer to my hometown in the San Fernando Valley.

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                      Pioneer Chicken locations as well.

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                        Pioneer was (is) a chain? I think most if not all are independently owned and I know of not one in Los Angeles that serves chicken livers. Point my beak in the right direction would you JAB?

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                          I think you may be thinking of Roscoe's. I have had their plate of fried chicken livers and gizzards....split 4 ways and still enough! It was a while ago but it was delicious!

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                            I believe that the location at Soto St. & Whittier Blvd. has them.

                      2. I once made a crostini with chicken livers, burrata and balsamic vineagar I thought it was interesting. I may have stolen it from Angelini Osteria.

                        A good chicken liver mouse on toast and jam. Along the lines of the liver toast at Animal.

                        1. haven't been to Dan Tana's in ages, but the one thing I always had was Spaghetti Caruso—chicken livers, onions and who knows what. huge portion and v. rich, so plenty for 2 to share.

                          and planning on making this recent recipe from NY Times sometime soon: