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Feb 2, 2014 01:23 PM

dinner upon arriving in Venice with a group jetlagged little kids

We have gotten a few great suggestions for restaurants which we plan to visit but I think I am too ambitious for our first night in Venice. We are a group of ten that includes 4 kids between ages of 3-8. All 6 adults (and kids too) are planning this trip based on food but I think I want to stay close by and low key for our first night. Does anyone have suggestions for restaurants near San Marco that are comparable to some of the less touristy areas (ok maybe not comparable but ok for a first night there) ?

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  1. Can think of only one near San Marco that is suitable for a jet lagged group of 10 of all ages: Aciugheta. Open throughout the day, a large menu with something for everyone, acceptable to pretty good food, not expensive. Downside, it is located in one of the most touristy calle (well, all the calles around San Maro is touristy) and can be very crowded during prime lunch/dinner hours.

    1. when are you going? where are you staying in relation to San Marco? Are you going to be jetlagged?

      1. Thanks!! Yes I am guessing jet lagged, especially the kids who are used to traveling but not overnight. Only a few minutes from San Marco (we knew it would be touristy but we are only in Venice for 2 nights and we wanted convienence with the kids and older parents), arriving mid april.

        1. Definitely Aciugheta. As PBSF already says, it's close by and everyone will be happy. Try to have your hotel reserve for you so you make sure to find a table. If you're jet lagged, you can go on the early side.