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Feb 2, 2014 01:22 PM

Budget Recs for Lewisham, South East London

Hey there Chowhound, my girl and I will be in Lewisham for a few days in May (live in the US) and I would like to probe your collective knowledge to yield some delicious recommendations. I would be able to use the tube if necessary, so sticking to Lewisham is not required at all, just saying so to give you some point of reference. To narrow down the selection let's stick to: Indian, Gastropubs with good beer, pubs in general with good beer, best places to grab some fish and chips, and any hidden gems.

Thank you to anyone who replies!

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  1. I can't give you any recs for Lewisham itself but when I lived in Forest Hill, which is about 20 mins by bus I went to The Dartmouth Arms ( very near Forest Hill Station) which had really good food and they did a very good pint on Landlord. Jolly Bees fish and chips opposite Forest Hill station was always decent.
    For Indian i'd try Babur in Honor Oak Park (again about 15 mins by bus). not cheap but very good, Haven't been for a while but had a friend a couple of months back who's had a really good meal. The number 122 bus goes to both Forest Hill and Honor Oak Park from Lewisham.

    1. I live in Lewisham. What station are you staying near as Lewisham is quite big and not that easy to get around? I'll try a few suggestions focussed on central Lewisham

      For Indian, someone has mentioned Babur, which is the best in the area but not exactly cheap and can be difficult to get to depending where you are. If you're able to get to Peckham go to Ganapti, which is also excellent.

      If you're after something cheaper, Lewisham has a big Sri Lankan population so a few good Sri Lankan restaurants. Many of these places are great budget eats with good food. Everest Curry King ( and Vinishas are good.

      Central Lewisham isn't the best for Gastropubs and Pubs, the best ones tend to be on the outskirts or just into other boroughs; depends where you're staying. The Ravensbourne Arms is very good for beer and does pretty good food. It's part of a group called Antic who have many excellent pubs in the area for beer and food.

      If you can get into Blackheath easy enough, the Hare and Billet is good.

      And slightly further away in Greenwich, the Union is a good pub with food.

      If you're more in the West of Lewisham you can easily get into Nunhead and Peckham where there are loads of great pubs such as The Ivy House and the Old Nun's Head.

      For Fish and Chips, Brockley's Rock in Brockley is very good and has a small sit down restaurant where you can bring your own beer or wine. There's a couple of excellent places to drink around there as well, such as Jam Circus and Mr Lawrence.

      Lewisham is well connected to not just the centre but the east of London, which will multiply your options to more than you could every hope to visit. But if you're looking for Indian, you should be able to get to Whitechapel quite easily and get to Tayyabs, Needo Grill, Lahore Kebab House, Mirch Masala and more (but avoid Brick Lane).

      1. Try Le Querce, a Sardinian place near Honor Oak.

        Good Vietnamese in Deptford. There's Pho Thuy Tay on Deptford High Street. Also Le Gia on Depford Broadway (caveat: haven't been in a while).

        Also West African at Le Taliet, also on Deptford Bridge Road.

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          Do you know roughly when Le Taliet tends to be open? Every time I've been past, it's had the shutter down, but that's usually around lunchtime or in the afternoon on a weekday.

          (I can't make phone calls, so giving me the phone number won't help.)

          1. re: Kake

            Have only been there for dinner, so maybe dinner only? (Sorry it took so long for me to reply, missed it the first time.)

        2. no exactly Indian, but Mezze Mangal on lewisham way deserves a mention - Great turkish food...

          By the time you get here, Maddy's Fish bar should be open, in New Cross. A brand new fish and chips venutre, which i'm sure will be great....just near New Cross station, next to an (also great) cafe called The London Particular. Not too far from Lewisham.

          1. Peckham and East Dulwich are a bus ride from Lewisham and have lots of options. Ganapati in Pekcham for Indian, Victoria Inn in Bellenden Road, Peckham for pub food and nice atmosphere. Lovely House (two doors up from Victoria Inn) for dim sum. TOASTed in East Dulwich (for some of the best food to be found in South London), also several pubs. The Palmerston does great gastropub food but can be a bit pricy. And do try the Sea Cow for fish and chips!