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Anybody Have experience using Fresh Direct?

It just entered our area and I'm interested. The local supermarket chain has wretched meat and fish.

Do you trust FD for produce?

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  1. It's not on my area but a good friend lives in NYC and uses it for nearly 90% of his grocery shopping. Everything always seems good quality. They will cut most things to your specifications. The only thing he complains about is the amount of packaging they use but perhaps that's how they keep everything fresh.

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      Good to hear. It would be an improvement...thanks!

    2. Hey,
      I have used fresh direct in nyc on and off for years- huge fan! Definately would recommend them with the warning that produce aside from the basics is hit or miss but that may be due to season/area i'm in.
      Just double check the order when its delivered, (they forgot a bag in the van once!) and all the packaging is recyclable.

      1. I placed my first order last week and it was delivered on time on 1/30. I am very happy!

        The only meat I got was ground turkey -- package said sell by 2/10, which is a longer expiration date than I would have expected at the local grocery.

        I was delighted with the produce, which included grapes (those were pricey), green peppers, bananas, avocados, lemons, celery, scallions, and campari tomatoes. Except for the grapes I thought the prices were fine.

        Also a very nice, fresh, deli package of cheese, turkey, and ham. VERY good smoked salmon, but about 30% more expensive than Costco's, which we like quite well.

        Here's a coupon code for $50 off a $125 order and then another $50 off the next $125 order: DM2FK8 Expires March 10.

        BTW, I'm in southern Chester County, PA. (So I think we'd have the same distribution center?)

        I'm going to do a little price comparison with PeaPod, which also serves this area. But I'm so unhappy with the local Giant (PeaPod's affiliate) I don't have very high hopes for quality.

        Hope you're happy if you decide to try it.

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          Thanks! We are in the same part of the world.

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            Grapes are pricey everywhere right now near me (nyc), like $3.99/lb or so.

            I tried pea pod as well, they have a smaller selection of organic anything, and the prepared foods are a smaller selection and not the same quality as fresh direct. But, PP does have good sales and their app is awesome

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              I've noticed the PeaPod trucks in the area recently (southern Chester Co.), and I'm a bit skeptical about their quality, too. I've found substantial differences from one Giant to the next. The "little Giant" across from the SuperFresh on Rt. 1 in Kennett is about as awful as they come. To me, there's no difference between that store and the Genuardi's that was previously in that location. The Giant that's on the other side of Kennett (near the State Store) is a little better. But the BIG Giant -- on Rt. 202 a short distance north of Rt. 1 is really a nice store with large selections, nice displays and good looking produce.

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                Totally agree with your assessment of the area Giants. I doubt PeaPod orders would be filled from the Marlborough Square store, so it might be closer to the quality of the Dilworthtown store. I should look to see if the distribution center is identified.

                Just haven't been able to think about placing an order with either PP or FD, given the recent and upcoming weather. Even if the truck can make it, it'd be nice to have confidence I could refrigerate/freeze the contents!

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                  I have no real idea how these things work, but I'm guessing that orders are more likely to be filled from a distribution center than from a particular store. And these days, I'm only shopping for small amounts of food at any given time. In anticipation of tomorrow's weather, I'm keeping the contents of my freezer at a friend's house. We lost power for 4+ days in last week's storm, and I dread what's ahead.

            2. My wife and I have been using FD in the great borough of Brooklyn in NYC for years and we unhesitatingly recommend them. We've had some glitches with FD over the years, but nothing unreasonable and FD has come through in every instance.

              What are/were the glitches? Well, once we got a kosher chicken that was long past fresh, and once we got a supposed fresh turkey that was frozen (and thus not cookable that day). We've had broken eggs a couple of times (not all the eggs, just one or two in a carton). In each case I notified FD and was given a credit right away, no hassle. It's probably more remarkable how consistently good they are, generally delivering week after week without any problems at all.

              They have missed their delivery window a few times over the years but then have credited us the delivery fee. And in each case, we got the delivery, just a few hours later than the original estimate.

              They usually offer a reasonably good selection of meats and fish, including organic and kosher choices. Take some time and browse their offerings online and read the sidebars and notes, which are quite informative.

              They have a good selection of produce as well, also including organic and a lot of produce from local farms (at least here in Brooklyn).

              As others have noted, prices are a bit on the high side, but given the tremendous convenience and great customer service, the cost could be considered very reasonable.

              You should just go ahead and put in a small order, something over the mininum amount, and then judge for yourself. Get some small portions of the things you're interested in and see what you think.

              Good luck...

              1. Shouldn't you ask this on the NYC board as you are more likely to get users? I use FD all the time. Hardly go to a grocery store in the city anymore. It's not perfect but it's much better than the typical store in the city. Produce is much better than when I first started using it as they seem to have more local sources.

                1. When I lived in NYC, I used to order from FD all the time.
                  Freshest produces! Never been disappointed with them.

                  1. I used to order from them a lot at home, until my local grocers stepped up their game. The only downside was the cost - they charge Manhattan prices, for sure (I live in Queens). However, everything was always delivered promptly and any issues with freshness/wrong items were refunded immediately. If you don't mind paying a premium, it's worth it.

                    1. We live outside of Philly, Pleased with it. If anything is not to our liking, ( over ripe tomatoes, etc.) they take care of you. Meats are great. Bananas are wrapped like they are a baby. The drivers are great. Because I am disabled and can not drive, and my husband HATES food shopping. It is a win, win!

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                        Hmendenh, since I last posted we've had four or five orders. We have been extremely pleased with everything.

                        They don't have everything we regularly consume, but they have some "new to us" stuff that's fun to try. Saturday I fixed skate cheeks -- first we've ever had them and they were yummy! I know I'd never find them at our local grocery store and not even sure about the seafood place that's 20 minutes down the road.

                        I've been using free delivery offers so haven't yet paid for a delivery. But they're working on me quite effectively, so that at some point I will think the delivery charge is worth it.

                      2. Yes. Their fish is excellent. Vegetables and fruit are usually very good, and can be wonderful (amazing cherries recently) - but they do sometimes send veggies/fruit that is wilted or spoiling.

                        The other tricky part ifs that you don't see how big it is, so you might order 3 eggplants or squashes, and receive have way too little or too much. How big is a "bunch" of cilantro? do you need 1 bunch or 2? And if you had known that there would be this much dirt clinging to the bunch - would you have made something else for dinner?

                        They are, however, very good and getting better on vegetables. The ripe avocados, for example, reliably arrive ripe or within a day of being so.