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Feb 2, 2014 10:53 AM

ORLANDO - Where to get good, local citrus?

Any tips on where to find good local citrus in Orlando area? We may be down to just grapefruit by the time we get there, but I'm hoping for some guidance in sorting the wheat from what I fear may be lots of chaff in tourist-heavy Orlando.

If it's helpful, we'll be in Lake Buena Vista. Thanks!

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  1. The commercial citrus industry in Central Florida was destroyed first by the freeze of 1989 and then by the suburbs.

    1. Uncle Matt's Organic.

      You can find his citrus in the greenwise organic area of Publix Grocery stores as well.

      1. There's a terrific retail shop in or near Winter Garden, Conoley Citrus Packers.The small store sells whatever is in season plus freshly squeezed juices.