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Feb 2, 2014 10:51 AM

Tabla - Really good new Indian

Went to Tabla last night (12th and Crescent) in midtown. So nice to have an excellent Indian restaurant in the city. Now we don't have to go to the burbs to get a fix. Food was really good; both traditional dishes and new twists on old favorites. We had the lamb shank, a biryani, tandori chicken, and a chicen vindaloo. Portions were huge. We also had the mint scallop appetizer. Very good. Only disappointment was the samosas. Average.

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  1. Haven't been to Tabla, but do you consider Bhojanic (either location), Panahar (Bangladeshi but similar cuisine), Chai Pani, and others in Decatur in the burbs?

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      Decatur not quite the burbs but I do live in VaHi. Like Bhojanic and Chai Pani - but this is upscale Indian. A different experience. Good stuff.

      1. re: amymel

        Got it. How about Cardamom Hill? Sounds like what you're going for.