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Feb 2, 2014 08:11 AM

Traveling in June to Freeport, ME

Renting a house near Freeport for part of June and July. Need some help with finding grocery stores, a good meat market, fishmonger, Costco(?) and restaurants in that area. Please send me any and all
recommendations. Thanks a ton to you New England 'hounds from thisTexas traveling 'hound.

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  1. Freeport has the Bow Street Market, which has good meat and other products. A very nice cross between a small supermarket and grocery store. Good wine selection, etc. Their fresh fish selection is just OK. You are better off at Rosemont Market in Yarmouth for fish, although you will pay a premium for it. Rosemont has some good things, including produce, gourmet items, soups, baked goods, but their breads are just average. There's a Trader Joe's in Portland right off I-295. And Costco is in Westbrook, which is a bit of a hike.

    Freeport has some good restaurants. Azure Cafe is excellent for Italian food and seafood, great service, too. Harraseeket Inn has excellent food as well. The Maine Dining Room there is fancy, with the Broad Arrow Tavern being more casual. Great lunch brunch there M-Sat, and the Dining Room has a fancy Sunday brunch. I avoid the Mediterranean Grill, which I think is overpriced and just average. Tuscan Bistro is good, and there are several good Asian options in Freeport. 1912 Cafe at L.L. Bean has good lunch food, as does Fresh Batch, which also has a very good breakfast. Gather in Yarmouth has good local food and drink. Bruce's Burritos and Clayton's in Yarmouth have good casual fare, both are on Route 1 across the street from one another. Lots of good choices in Brunswick, too. Great pizza at Flipside, excellent Mexican at El Camino, Trattoria Athena for Mediterranean (WAY better than Med. Grill in Freeport), Tao for Asian, and there are two good Indian restaurants. Wild OATS bakery has great baked goods, soups and sandwiches.

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      Sorry but we do not have Costco in Maine.
      We do have a BJ's and Sam's Club in the Portland area.
      Bow Street Market has been a favorite in Freeport, as well as Whole Foods and Trader Joes in the Portland area within walking distance of each other. I really enjoy the Broad Arrow Tavern for their lunch/brunch as well as the excellent Trattoria Athena Restaurant, although a little hard to get into sometimes. Reservations are highly recommended. Wild Oats Bakery in Brunswick has a fantastic selection of lunches and bakery goods, and very busy which means it very good.

    2. For fish, head in to Portland to Harbor Fish. Rosemont in Yarmouth gets their fish from Harbor, but the selection is, of course, small and pricier. Still, though, an alternative. But stock up at Harbor. They will give you terrific advice on storing or freezing. You will be very glad you did. While in that area, stop in at Standard Baking Co. for breads and tasty savory treats.
      There are apparently amazing meat sources in the area from Brunswick to Portland. Surely someone will advise.
      Huge Hannaford grocery store in Yarmouth. It is undergoing renovation, but up and running. Has a good produce department which I often prefer to Whole Foods.

      1. As you probably know, there's no way to BEGIN to talk about restaurants, since in Freeport you're 20 minutes from Portland. In Freeport, have heard good things about the recently re-opened Jameson's Tavern, and the Broad Arrow Tavern in the Harraseeket Inn is decent. You're 7 minutes from Brunswick, which has a few good places including El Camino [locally sourced Cal-style Mexican, very well prepared] and Athena, a Greek-Italian place with excellent food. But that's just the beginning, and you'll want to follow this board and look in the archives.