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Worst Dishes in 2014

What are the worst dishes you have had? Worst dishes I've had in 2014 thus far:

Babbo - Chianti stained parpadelle with wild boar ragu

The parpadelle had a strange medicinal flavor and tasted similar to the way embalming fluid smells. It tasted really awful and is the only time I have ever eaten at a high end restaurant and fought not to spit the food out into my napkin. In hindsight I should have sent the dish back but it was a celebratory dinner.

Hakkasan - Grilled lamb chops with xo sauce

The lamb chops were tender but had no sear, there was too much sauce, gloppy and too sweet. It had potential but was so sloppy and poorly executed other than the presentation being ok.

Red Farm - Shrimp stuffed crispy shrimp

I was excited to try this dish because of raves and Gael Greene's listing as a must try. I hope they received a much better version of the dish than I did because while the chicken was crispy, it was also overly greasy in the mouth, the shrimp was rubbery and unpleasantly tough and the coating was more crunch than crisp. The dish was really salty and exemplified the "punch your face with flavor" style that seems to be the popular culinary zeitgeist.

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  1. Harry's Italian: shrimp marinara over linguini, watery terrible sauce, overcooked stuck together pasta.

    Telepan Local: Guinea Hen nuggets. Not a good dish

    Pearl Oyster Bar: Lobster Roll , too much liquid. I can't really call it mayo, it's more like the juice that is in cole slaw with mayo. It just leaks out when you bit into the sandwich.

    Nespresso: pistachio macaron, stale

    1. Spagettini Nero - Charlie Bird
      So salty it was unbelieveable. Zero crab and no spice from the chilies.

      1. Bucatini - All'onda - very little uni, a few tiny chopped bits overpowered by strong cheese, and the two visible pieces of uni was of very poor quality.

        1. Crispy Boneless Duck w/ Spicy Garlic Sauce at Szechuan Gourmet 56. Greasy, fried mess. Didnt care for it at all. But I didnt let that ruin the lunch so I ordered another dish.. old reliable Shredded Beef w/Spicy Green Chili

          1. Pastrami Egg Roll - Red Farm.

            Pac Man Dumplings - Red farm.

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                What is this 1986? Who orders crab rangoon anymore?

                1. re: princeofpork3

                  I had to look up crab rangoon... I don't think I'd order this dish anywhere, crab/imitation crab and cream cheese does not sound appealing at all. Not exactly relevant to a thread about worst dish eaten in 2014 though...

                  1. re: Pookipichu

                    You forget its deep fried in a wanton wrapper.

                    1. re: Pookipichu

                      I think emu48 may have used Crab Rangoon metaphorically, in the sense that Crab Rangoon, Trader Vics, Pastrami Egg Rolls and Red Farm are all examples of the same dubious culinary tradition.

                      1. re: knucklesandwich

                        I was hoping emu84 would contribute a specific dish(dishes) instead of a general concept of dish that emu84 dislikes. "I had crab ragoon at Happy Panda Family and it was the worst thing I've eaten this year" vs. I hate the idea of peanut butter crispy herring ice cream.

                        1. re: Pookipichu

                          Based on emu84's profile he (or she) lives in Kansas/Hawaii and the crab rangoon post was his (or her) first on the Manhattan board. Maybe crab rangoon is still offered in other parts of the country.

                          1. re: peter j

                            Type the dish into menu pages' find a food function and you'll be surprised at just how close you are to a place serving it in manhattan

                            1. re: debinqueens

                              Yikes, you're right. There's a Chinese restaurant that serves crab rangoon right by my apartment in the upper west side.

                              Crab Rangoon chinese wonton $5.95

                              Do I dare?

                              1. re: peter j

                                Even a well-executed crab rangoon is an inauthentic culinary mess.

                                But that doesn't mean it tastes bad.

                                Or do we suddenly hate the taste of deep fried dough stuffed with cheese?

                                1. re: lexismore

                                  honestly that sounds a little gross to me... and that's coming from someone who will eat grubs, worms and fried cockroaches...

                                  1. re: Pookipichu

                                    Well, you can't argue with taste (although we chowhounds sure like to try).

                                    I'd put them in the guilty pleasure category, like jalapeno poppers.

                                    You enjoy your insects!

                                    1. re: lexismore

                                      Cream cheese and crab just seems strange to me, much less so than a plate of fried crickets, which are delicious :) Crickets and cream cheese on the other hand... bleh.

                                      1. re: Pookipichu

                                        Hah! Crickets I might be able to do. Roaches, I'm not so sure.

                                        And if it's the crab that's throwing you, it's imitation crab, so rest assured - it adds no flavor. In the renditions I've had, all I tasted was cream cheese and crispy dough.

                                        1. re: lexismore

                                          Crab and creamy cheese is a standard combination. Don't shoot me but here's a pretty good recipe from Paula Deen:

                                          1. re: darren425

                                            It must be a personal preference thing, the thought of cheese and crab or fish is just gross to me

                                          2. re: lexismore

                                            Yep. A good crab rangoon is a guilty pleasure.

                                        2. re: lexismore

                                          At El Parador a good authentic mexican place on 34th the serve an appetizer which is roasted jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese or peanut butter. Its actually really good. I like the PB better.

                            2. re: knucklesandwich

                              I'm a long-standing Los Angeles 'hound who grew up in the tri-state area. I'm protective about my NY staples (you'd be amazed how popular it is here to top really great pastrami with cole slaw, Russian dressing and Swiss cheese...) I fight the good fight here, vigorously and often.

                              Having said that, I've just now heard of Katz's serving a pastrami egg roll, and it doesn't offend my sensibilities at all.


                              The idea of a Katz's doing a mash-up that wraps up the culinary and immigrant history in the LES, well- it doesn't strike me at all as coming from a place of "dubious culinary tradition." It seems, in fact, like the perfect fusion food, in the same vein as LA's kimchi taco.

                              How long have they been making these things? And what I really want to know is whether they make Chinese hot mustard available to dress those pastrami egg rolls with. Good lord, that seems to me to be the perfect fusion food. And I'm not someone who gets my panties wrinkled for anything newfangled or fancy.

                              Mr Taster

                              1. re: Mr Taster

                                I think Katz got the idea from RedFarm. The pastrami egg roll at RedFarm is one of my favorite dishes there.

                          2. re: princeofpork3

                            It's a DC Chinese take-out staple. With Old Bay.


                        2. Since January 2014 just ended isn't this rather early for the question or are you looking to start a running commentary?

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                            Running commentary on specific dishes and the restaurant the dish was eaten at :) (Even great restaurants can have a clunker)

                          2. Cheese ice cream at Murray's Cheese Bar. Lumpy, granular and chalklike. Not sweet enough. Saturday it was peanut butter flavor so there were pockets of cold hard peanut butter.