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Feb 2, 2014 07:39 AM

Worst Dishes in 2014

What are the worst dishes you have had? Worst dishes I've had in 2014 thus far:

Babbo - Chianti stained parpadelle with wild boar ragu

The parpadelle had a strange medicinal flavor and tasted similar to the way embalming fluid smells. It tasted really awful and is the only time I have ever eaten at a high end restaurant and fought not to spit the food out into my napkin. In hindsight I should have sent the dish back but it was a celebratory dinner.

Hakkasan - Grilled lamb chops with xo sauce

The lamb chops were tender but had no sear, there was too much sauce, gloppy and too sweet. It had potential but was so sloppy and poorly executed other than the presentation being ok.

Red Farm - Shrimp stuffed crispy shrimp

I was excited to try this dish because of raves and Gael Greene's listing as a must try. I hope they received a much better version of the dish than I did because while the chicken was crispy, it was also overly greasy in the mouth, the shrimp was rubbery and unpleasantly tough and the coating was more crunch than crisp. The dish was really salty and exemplified the "punch your face with flavor" style that seems to be the popular culinary zeitgeist.

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  1. Harry's Italian: shrimp marinara over linguini, watery terrible sauce, overcooked stuck together pasta.

    Telepan Local: Guinea Hen nuggets. Not a good dish

    Pearl Oyster Bar: Lobster Roll , too much liquid. I can't really call it mayo, it's more like the juice that is in cole slaw with mayo. It just leaks out when you bit into the sandwich.

    Nespresso: pistachio macaron, stale

    1. Spagettini Nero - Charlie Bird
      So salty it was unbelieveable. Zero crab and no spice from the chilies.

      1. Bucatini - All'onda - very little uni, a few tiny chopped bits overpowered by strong cheese, and the two visible pieces of uni was of very poor quality.

        1. Crispy Boneless Duck w/ Spicy Garlic Sauce at Szechuan Gourmet 56. Greasy, fried mess. Didnt care for it at all. But I didnt let that ruin the lunch so I ordered another dish.. old reliable Shredded Beef w/Spicy Green Chili

          1. Pastrami Egg Roll - Red Farm.

            Pac Man Dumplings - Red farm.