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Feb 2, 2014 07:05 AM

Do you wash your SS cookware in the dishwasher?

In my new house, I now have my first dishwasher. I know something's can be ruined in the dishwasher, so I have been reluctant to put my tri ply SS cookware in there. About the only think I have put in the dishwasher is my dishes (stoneware) and anything glass, and my SS eating utensils. I know not to put aluminum in there, and I don't put plastic in there either. But I am thinking the SS cookware should be ok. What about copper?

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  1. Using the dishwasher is the whole reason I bought tri ply aluminum-stainless with stainless handles years ago. My pans are at least a decade old and still in good shape--with the occasional help of a little wet Barkeeper' s Friend.

    Please do not put copper in the dishwasher. It is soft and does not do well with harsh detergents. I have a few of the 2.5 stainless-lined copper pans and they always get hand-washed. Polishing happens once in a while.

    You might check the website of your cookware manufacturer to see what the official position on using the dishwasher is, especially if you have a"lifetime warranty" which you don't want to void.

    1. Definitely. SS cookware is machine washable. So is most plastic so long as you put it on the top rack.

      1. When I bought new cookware back in 2000, I specifically chose stainless because it can be dishwashed. I put any stainless pot or pan into the dishwasher. This is one of its best features.

        1. Do not put copper in the dishwasher. Or aluminum. It can permanently discolor them.

          I don't wash cookware in the dw very often, but the tri-ply stainless has been through numerous times with no effect but thorough cleaning.

          1. Hi, dixiegal:

            *Fully* clad SS is generally OK. If your pans are exposed-edge, you may ultimately have erosion at the rims caused by the DW.

            Copper is a no-no in the DW.