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Feb 2, 2014 06:53 AM

Are we allowed to share inspiring, completely remarkable experiences here?

In the spirit of another thread, I wanted to pass along this story I saw on a friend's Facebook page. We should celebrate the restaurants that are doing great things, right?

" <Our> 7th anniversary is Sunday. Earlier in the week, I made dinner reservations at Olivia's here in Austin. The restaurant called Saturday afternoon to let me know that they are usually closed for the Super Bowl, but that they will open just for us and close when we leave. They did offer to let us reschedule and give us a $50 coupon, but with <husband>'s travel schedule that doesn't work. They are opening just for us tomorrow. So, if you want a great dinner at a non-crowded restaurant, come to Olivia's Sunday night! They will take more customers! "

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  1. what? nice, not sad stories? we can't have that. I am SO reporting this. (smirk)

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      Yeah, what is this, the Art Linkletter show? Bring on Judge Judy!

      1. re: Veggo

        you know Art's family endured terrible personal pain regarding a daughter right? now there's the sad for this thread.

        I shouldn't be posting on the Austin board but CH DOES need more positive (not happy-clappy, just positive) comments.

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          I lived in Austin 2 years and have visited a lot, and I never had a negative eating experience there. Clearly some of the best barbecue in America. I'm at a loss to recall the name of a restaurant that served 'ritas in a barrel shaped glass, and they had a bar-mounted citrus juicer for the limes, squozen to order. A rustic white clapboard building on the north side of Barton Creek Dr. No better place to spend a rare rainy day with friends.

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            HA! I read that (at first) as a "Dr. No" place to spend with friends.

            either way I'm game!

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              Ohhh- what is this place? We're coming next weekend and that sounds heavenly!

      2. That is so sweet! annnnnd extra romantic! I hope you post this on your face book and get 70000 shares :)

        1. I wouldn't have made the employees come in on a day they expected to have off. That would make my dinner uncomfortable. Finding another place to dine on Superbowl Sunday night wouldn't have been hard. And it would have come with a $50 credit.

          -sw (stirring the pot, <sigh> I know ;-)

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            i tend to agree, but maybe the employees who came in to work that night needed the money and didn't care about Super Bowl so didn't have plans.

            however, it was really nice of the restaurant.
            and i'm glad the OP had a nice anniversary dinner.