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need a MSP Pho update

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what is best and why??

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  1. Best?? We start again. I happen to like Pho Tau Bay. Great broth, slightly chewy Tendon, and abundance of Basil and sprouts.

    1. I don't think much has changed since the last lengthy thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/7677...

      Here's a recent Strib article on the subject:


      1. #509 on the menu at Quang is a delicious alternative to traditional pho. A mix of meat and seafood and a crispy shrimp fritter served with side of basil and sprouts. A second broth served on the side but I just pour it in the bowl. Add a griiled sausage spring roll and you're set.

        1. PTB is top notch. Good Broth and Noodles. a little skimpy on the meat fixings.

          Quang's for the broth

          Pho79 for the fixings

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            I used to swear by Pho 79, because their broth was easily heads and shoulders above the rest. Recently, the broth has dropped in quality but increased in salt. Now, it's Pho Tau Bay for me.

            I also support PTB because they spend more time keeping their restaurant clean. Quang is the worst in terms of hygiene. I feel like even my shoes need booties.

          2. I like Ngon for the complexity of the broth and the quality of the ingredients, but also the consistency. With other places, you get a different experience each time, depending on time of day, what gets scooped into the bowl, etc.

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              Ngon is one place I'm really looking forward to trying particularly for the quality ingredients they use.

            2. I have Quang top and Pho 79 just behind.

              One other very good spot is La Belle Vie on 9th and Marqueete with has a great broth and several great ingredient options.

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                Sorry, can you explain? La Belle Vie is well-known at 510 Groveland. What's at 9th and Marquette?

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                    Sorry, still confused! DukeFan said "One other very good spot is La Belle Vie on 9th and Marqueete with has a great broth and several great ingredient options."

                    Neither Manny's nor The Melting Pot have pho, do they? What's at 9th and Marquette that would have pho?

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                    my bad i meant la belle crepe... its a hole in the wall just off the skyway

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                      La belle crepe makes a decent banh mi also. They get baguettes from que nha.

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                      I'm guessing they meant La Belle Crepe downtown - they serve pho.

                  3. Pho Phwam at her kitchen in the hmong village. They add crispy pork belly that puts it over the top. Best value in MSP.

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                      agree. though my favorite dish by far at Hmong village is the pad khee mao from the thai window

                    2. I still love trieu chau on University at (almost dale)

                      They have a very flavorful broth- lots of noodles. Plenty of basil.

                      I also like the chicken pho there- it comes with lots of stirfried vegetables in it.

                      1. What about My Huang Kitchen or Pho Quan? Both on Nicollet.