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Feb 2, 2014 12:54 AM

Har Lam Kee (Monterey Park) Closing

The venerable Har Lam Kee on Garvey in Monterey Park is closing its doors after service tomorrow, Sunday, Feb 2. Apparently the lease is up and the property owner wants to remodel the space to bump up the rent. No plans to reopen after the remodel.

I'll miss their Lo Ban "The Boss'" jook and the dumplings. They had a great run and was one of the few places in Monterey Park that really felt like a caring family ran the place.

My family will be going one last time for the jook, fried tofu, rice noodle rolls, dumpling noodle soup, and to say goodbye to HLK staff. Thanks for the chow-worthy memories.

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    Damn! I was sure we'd have another Food Posse gathering there someday. And I don't see how the heck we can make it tonight, even just the two of us …

    They alone are responsible for showing me that just because tofu has no flavor doesn't mean it can't become addictive, as in those deepfried tofu cubes I had to order every time. And the fried fish filet, the salty fish fried rice, and too many other things MUCH too long ago to remember, except that everything was good. They could have charged a good bit more and still had us, too; we would come rolling out, stuffed to the gills, toting enough leftovers for several lunches, and still get away for $10 apiece (before tip, which we always overdid).

    1. Place was a gem...truly an outstanding Cantonese breakfast joint

      1. Wow, my late father and I used to eat there. Hope the family will reopen someplace else.

        1. Is this related to Harlam's Kitchen in the food court at San Gabriel and Garvey in Rosemead. I thought they were both named after the same guy, Harold Lam.

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            The name is different in chinese (ha lam kee in mpk vs ha lam siu chu in rosemead), usually that means it's different. That is only my assumption though.

          2. So apparently they reopened after the remodel?

            I just heard their ad on the Cantonese radio

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              Thanks for the update while I haven't been in a while I always thought business was good so the close came a bit of a shock...hopefully they don't lose their old school charm with the backless seats and hanging bird cages

              1. re: blimpbinge

                The question is what does the sign outside the door say?

                1. re: Chandavkl

                  Drove by yesterday. Same name, slightly updated signage, but didn't go in. Has anyone tried this new rendition of HLK yet?

                2. re: blimpbinge

                  They did reopen, same chef (thank our lucky stars!) and with a shiny remodel. The backless seats are gone, but the food is just as good.