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Cutty's Next Special Cluckin' Sunday is Feb 9th, a Week from Today

Thinking of making the pilgrimage there next Sunday for that fried chicken sandwich that looks pretty amazing on their website. Have never tasted that sandwich. I am particularly drawn by the 'many diff spices and herbs' in the chicken coating (yes,except for the salt, I prefer KFC over plain fried chicken !)
What do you think of Cutty's chicken sandwich? There looks to be an awful lot of stuff on it-- maybe too busy? IIRC, they told me they usually run out around Noon or so. I wonder if they ever have bagels left over from Sat.? Allstonian said they are really great. (I always toast my bagels, so 'leftover' does not have travesty attached, for me.) Thx for your help.


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  1. You should go. It's a neighborhood event- my old church is over there and people skip out early to 'get the sandwiches'. They are in the category of 'the best thing I've ever eaten" for many but very rich and pricey- you might want to split one.

    1. I've wanted one of these for a while. When do they start serving and how long are the lines?


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        10 am. You can get details on their website plus they give updates on the day of on FB


      2. LOL, I just called my h into the room to share the news. He had already marked it on his calendar. Our first. But I do love a crispy cutlet sandwich. Sounds like they've got their ingredients in a row.

        1. I was surprised to find that I didn't like this sandwich at all. The chicken itself is pretty good, but aside from the cheese, every other piece of the sandwich is sweet, so it ended up tasting too dessert-like for me. I managed to finish it, but would not ever get it again.

          Their roast pork sandwich, on the other hand, is absolutely perfect.

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            o.k. maillard, that's all i needed to know. Oh well, more for everyone else. thanks so much.

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              maillard, i went back and scrutinized the sandwich diagram, and the odd thing is, the only dressings are Hellman's mayo and honeymustard. So the only thing i can figure, from your 'everything sweet but the chicken' description, is- maybe the honeymustard was applied to more than the one place in the diagram. Wonder how it would be if one asked them to leave off the honeymustard?


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                Scrutinize that diagram some more.
                I've had a few of the Cluckin Chicken sandwiches, and I think the main contributor of any sweetness of this sandwich is the Iggys roll they use.
                I wouldn't try and over analyze it. Just try it as it was designed and come to your own conclusion.

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                  I don't care for the sweet brioche on that sandwich either.

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                    <Scrutinize...more> =Wicked helpful. Now i'm officially signed off. America is sick with sugar. I'm on your bus, Maillard.

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                      p.s. just want to thank you again for that saveur biscuit mention. I'm sure I would never have known the rercipe had been published- w/o you. thx much again. i printed out the recipe tonight.

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                      As mentioned below, the bun is very sweet. Iceberg lettuce is not that sweet I guess? But it certainly doesn't take away from the sweetness, nor do the onions.

                      It might be a delicious sandwich to most people and is worth trying for sure. I just don't like sweet flavors very much unless balanced by spiciness, sourness, or other sharp flavors. This sandwich just didn't have anything balancing out the sweetness.

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                        Yep, i got all that, m, because that's exactly how i feel about sweetness as well. I think if there were one thing i could change about the prevailing tastes in this huge country of ours, it would be the proclivity for sugar (and after that, salt.)

                  2. I thought the sandwich was great. What was not great though was arriving there to them being sold out the first two times we tried to go. Not their fault entirely and I understand limited supply, but the first time we went they sold out by noon! And since they don't offer any other sandwiches on SCS, you are sh** outta luck. We live down the street so strike outs weren't as bad as if we'd driven across town, but if I were driving I would aim to be there by 11 or 11:30 at the latest to make sure you don't make the trip for nothing. Personally I thought the cheese could be left off, but that's just me.

                    Whether getting up and driving to Brookline Village on a Sunday morning to stand in line for a sandwich is worth it is up to you and your love of a good fried chicken sandwich. I view this in the same light as people pilgrimaging to Shake Shack or In-N-Out in terms of the fact that it's wonderful for what it is but at the end of the day it's not a life-changing meal. I'd say it's definitely worth going once, and you could combine it with a trip to Bazaar, Clear Flour, or Cafe Fixe to justify it even more. If not, I think Cutty's regular menu is absolutely worth a visit.

                    1. Re: the bagel question, unfortunately no chance of getting one on Sunday. They are consistently sold out by mid-morning on Saturday.

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                        Yep, the guy behind me got the last two "everythings" and it wasn't quite 9:30 yet. (Also, you may always toast your bagels, but I'm sincerely not sure that these would be edible when day-old.)

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                          Funny that - I in turn was behind the guy who got the last two everythings, this past Saturday. For a moment I thought the person at the register said they were out of salmon, but thankfully that was not the case.

                      2. Definitely no leftover bagels. Those are usually gone by 10am on Friday and Saturday.

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                          If they run out of bagels, give the breakfast sandwich a shot. It's easily one of the 2 or 3 best in town in my opinion. Right up there with Area Four and Mike and Patty's

                          1. re: Gordough

                            That is high praise comparing it to A4. Will definitely have to give it a shot even if there are bagels left.

                          1. I get the comments on the sweet role.

                            I liked it a lot. A once in a blue moon treat.

                            1. For anyone who was there can you say what time you got there and how long you had to wait in line? More importantly how long were you in line outside? This isn't quite waiting-in-line weather to me. But maybe it will be a nice day on March 2 when they do it again.


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                                can't speak to the sandwich but have finally gotten the bagels. On a Friday at 11:45 there was no line. At 11:55 there was a line out the door. Shared a pretzel bagel and an everything. Both were very good. However, at 2.50 a bagel, this isn't a dozen for brunch. And they are still too big, the downfall of all bagels pretty much except for the ones at Great Barrington Bagel Company.

                                1. re: hungrytommy

                                  At 10:50 the line was about three storefronts long, but it moved quickly. I bet we had our food in 20 minutes.

                                  1. re: hungrytommy

                                    9:45 Line kept growing, once opened, line moved quickly, leaving, line was down the block.

                                    the chocolate cake had a nice salty undertone.

                                  2. TOMORROW, MARCH 2ND is next date for this.

                                    1. Today is chicken sunday again. H is going back for one.

                                      1. The next Cluckin' Sunday is April 6th.

                                        But i may be more interested in the Spuckie, listed as one of Zagat's 9 best Boston sandwiches right now. Anyone have opinion? It sure photographs well.


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                                          I've had the spuckie sandwich at Cutty's, and enjoyed it very much. Still need to try the chicken sandwich some Sunday, though.

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                                            I have yet to try the regular spuckie but often get the eggplant spuckie and would highly recommend giving it a try. Nice tender eggplant with olive/carrot salad, milky mozzarella, olive oil, and a wonderful chewy bread.

                                            One of the things that really impresses me about Cutty's is that their vegetarian sandwiches are unique, well thought out, and stand up to their meat based sandwiches.

                                            1. re: Klunco

                                              yes, that's great to know. and now I have the luck of being fairly close to pennypacker's, who also do some amazing veg and non veg sdwches, some oddly(?) mirroring those at cutty's. delicious nonethetheless. Thx, k.

                                          2. THIS SUNDAY - MAY 4th!
                                            It has always been the 1st Sunday of Every Month, but their website doesn't list any dates past May 4th, for some reason.

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                                              That would be because they don't usually do it during the summer months.

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                                                  Last year, May was their last one until Sept. I got 2-3 extra chicken breasts and froze them to get me through the summer. They heated up well on the oven rack with foil on the rack under them.

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                                                    We are going to try it this weekend for the first time. Planning on getting there early. Glad we made the decision to do it this month as it looks like they are not doing it for the summer. Hope it lives up to the hype.

                                                  2. We went this past weekend for the first time.

                                                    The good: Extremely well fried chicken breast, juicy, not dry, great taste to the coating
                                                    Mayo/honey mustard/lettuce
                                                    Amazing cider donut cake
                                                    The not so good: Too sweet of a roll, the brioche could be replaced by a less sweet soft roll
                                                    The cheese: not enough, or not strong enough to cut through the other flavors, didn't even think it was there at first.

                                                    Overall, I enjoyed it, but it's a bit too sweet, and I'm not inclined to spend another 45 minutes waiting for one. We got there at 10:05, was in line past the UPS store, line was to Village Pizza when we left, sandwiches and cake in hand at 10:50.

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                                                    1. re: kimfair1

                                                      I agree about the sweetness and wait. There are very few things I am willing to wait in line for, and this sandwich doesn't really come close. I'd occasionally eat the sandwich if it was on their everyday menu or someone brought me one though.

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                                                        kimfair, this is maybe a really stupid question, but is there just one line-for everything? If we just wanted to buy that cider donut cake, could we phone-order it and go up to the counter w/o waiting in line? or would that be cause for being drawn and quartered? (Can you explain that cake plse? fried? baked? donut batter baked in a cake pan and sold in squares?)Thx!

                                                        1. re: opinionatedchef

                                                          There's one line for everything. I could see if someone were nice they might let you in line for just cake, but I can't imagine loads of folks being happy about it. The cake was a moist spice cake, similar to what my mom used to make. It was reminiscent of cider doughnuts in flavor. It has a little too sweet for me cream cheese frosting.They make it in a big sheet cake pan, and sell squares for $2.95. They sign also said "Today's cake is cider doughnut." I'm sure it rotates with the seasons.

                                                          1. re: kimfair1

                                                            Yes, the cake is always a sheet cake. The variety definitely rotates from month to month, though.

                                                      2. The sandwich is pretty good, but when I go, I just buy the chicken. Last year, they sold a boneless chicken breasts for $4.99. This Fall, the price went up to $6.99. That's quite an increase!