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Feb 1, 2014 09:37 PM

Corned Beef Hash

So, on a serendipitous fluke, I found my self at the Mecca Cafe in Lower QA for breakfast this morning. I hadn't been there in maybe 20 years, considering it the less foodie and more alchie cousin of The 5 Point. Maybe 35% of the choices, none of them partiicularly imaginative...

My God! The best corned beef hash I've ever had.

I'm normally a fan of a big, meaty dice, eschewing the dog food-like fine grind style. Mecca does it a fine *mince*, with hashbrowns as the tater component, and similarly-minced onion and green pepper. There must've been something else, too, because the umami quotient was ineffably high. Browned to perfection.

If anyone thinks they know a better CBH, I want to know. I've had 5 Spot's Flannel, and it's nowhere near what I experienced today.


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  1. Sounds delish.....just like we used to enjoy at the Greek diners on the UWS of Manhattan! Oh,for that taste again with 2 poached eggs on top of that CBH! And some Jewish rye toast on the side!
    Perhaps a trip to lower QA is in order.Thanks for info.

    1. Wow! Ineffable! High Praise. Too much for words. Would you say its transcendent?
      This begs another thread, "Food that takes you to a higher place."

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      1. re: JayDK

        Hi, Jay:

        Transcendant? Yeah, IMO it was, and not just because it came from the Mecca. $9.99 I think, with two poached eggs and rye toast.

        This was "just stare at the plate" good.