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Feb 1, 2014 08:57 PM

Finalising April's intinerary

With a lot of help from all you fabulous hounds, I think I have almost sorted out out April eating schedule. We will have 4 nights in W'Burg (all sorted, because we spent 3 weeks there 12 months ago) and 8 nights in the West Village, one night of which is our 3rd wedding anniversary.

We generally don't eat breakfast but I would love any recommendations for (Australian style if possible) coffee in the West Village?

Lunch will be deli/market stuff, self catering.

Dinners - divided into "must do" and "maybe"

Must Do:

Ma Peche
NoMad - we had a booking here last time but ended up at the WRONG one and missed our booking
Charlie Bird

After some consideration, I have booked at the River Cafe for our anniversary dinner, I'm a sucker for a good view. Not expecting that much of the food though.

Maybes (as in, I can't decide!):
The Dutch
Locanda Verde
Grammercy Tavern
Minetta Tavern

We'll have one brunch and I am currently favouring LV and we might break our no breakfast rule one day and go to Balthazar.

So that leaves 2 dinner spots free and a lot of indecision. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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  1. Try Stumptown, Joe, Jack, Prodigy, there's lots. Download the "Scoop" app from the NY Times. They should even be able to do a flat white even if it's not on the menu.

    See also:

    For your maybes, I would lean towards Minetta/Balthazar. Also you don't seem to have much Asian on your list aside from Ma Peche. Maybe Japanese? Thai?

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    1. re: kathryn

      Thanks for the coffee suggestions Kathryn. Good to see there's lots of possibilities - I was so impressed by W'Burg coffee when we were there, I was expecting it to be awful (as per a visit 5 years before) and it was (almost) uniformly excellent (although having a Tobys Estate was a nice touch of home too!).

      There's not much Asian on there because my husband and I don't live together and Asia is currently pretty near to a halfway point, so we spend a fair bit of time there. We'll have just come back from Shanghai and then heading off to Bangkok. Neither of us are actually that keen on Japanese TBH.

      Your recommendations on this board have been FAB. You are an invaluable resource to people like me! So I want to know why you would lean towards those and not the others?

      1. re: PixieM

        They just feel more NY to me personally.

        Since you're in the WV consider adding on Tertulia or Empellon Taqueria for something different than what you already have.

      2. re: kathryn

        Also, for those who are wondering what the heck a "flat white" (coffee) is - the article couldn't quite define it - my definition is that it's a longer pour espresso with the milk heated and frothed only slightly. So - much less milk than a latte, and much less foam (and more actual coffee) than a cappuccino. If the barista doesn't know what it is, I ask for a cappuccino with less foam and more coffee and that seems to work OK. I was even daring enough to try that in Rome and the lovely baristas at my local cafe actually humoured me...

      3. Glad to see you have The NoMad and Ma Peche on your list since they're two of my favorites. Love The NoMad for both dinner and brunch; if you like chicken, I highly recommend the roast chicken for two at dinner and the chicken sandwich at brunch.

        If you want a great culinary treat, I highly recommend the Kappō at Ma Peche: 8 guests seated around the Chef's counter for a 10 course tasting menu for $95 per person. Kappō is offered Wednesday - Saturday at 7:30. Definitely need a reservation. I was at Kappō last night, and it was terrific! If a tasting menu isn't to your liking, I highly recommend the fried chicken and the fried Brussels sprouts at Ma Peche, which may be my last great meal before I have to take a month off from serious dining out before medical tests :-(.

        Also love Jungsik; have been there twice (both the 10 course tasting menu and the "choice" menu). Very creative and delicious cuisine and highly polished service.

        Have a great time!

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        1. re: ellenost

          Thanks for your thoughts Ellenost! I will look into the Kappo (that's a really good price for tasting menu too) but tbh the normal menu looks great and for me, the greatest joy of NYC is fried chicken! Sorry to hear that you will be laid up for a bit..I hope that 'last supper' is all you want it to be :)

          1. re: PixieM

            Thanks, fortunately it's nothing serious.

        2. "NoMad - we had a booking here last time but ended up at the WRONG one and missed our booking" -- Ouch ouch, hope a nice Moroccan meal still came out of that one.

          I'm voting for Jungsik and Minetta but hard to argue with Kathryn's reasoning.

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          1. re: Ziggy41

            No, we glanced in and fled across the road to a little French brasserie, I think it was called Calliope, from memory? Anyway, it was a nice save but we were still so mad at ourselves for the bad planning :(

            So Minetta seems to be a favourite and Jungsik too...and if we maybe go to Balthazar for breakfast or lunch we could cover more bases...

            And Kathryn's suggestion of Empellion Tacqueria has left me drooling. I wasn't sure (after checking the boards, but obviously not thoroughly enough) that you could get decent Mexican in Manhattan but this looks great...I just have to work out where to fit it in!!

          2. I've not been to Charlie Bird, but noticed some very negative comments on this thread: