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Feb 1, 2014 08:35 PM

nanaimo eats

anyone know of some good restaurants in nanaimo BC...on fixed income so not too extravagant

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Just saw that smoked meat place on eat st. its on auld I think across from Slegg lumber. Drove past it a few times. Am going to try and stop next time looked good. Had a nice meal while back will post back when I remember the name. It was like a mans name. Behind rutherford I think.

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      1. re: daislander

        Did you see this on "You Gotta Eat Here"? Perhaps you are referring to Smokin' Georges BBQ.

          1. re: daislander

            No, sorry, I haven't. I have not been to Nanaimo in many years. I just searched it out on the web. FWIW, you can view the TV episode at:
            Go to videos > season 2 > the Reef, Smokin' Georges...(2nd last episode)

      2. well, there have been recent (as in the past 12 months) about Vanc Island and I know Nanaimo was one of the mentions - (for example, look recently for a topic - title something like "Tapas in Duncan"

        and there is that blog by the person from Kamloops BC - and it appears they had a work locum in Nanaimo - so lots of info (we are more likely to be in the Cowichan area so I don't have recent experience in Nanaimo) ---- here you go (be sure to use the search tools on this blog


        hopefully you have some nice weather when you visit - and even if you just get on the little ferry over to NewCastle Island (a regional park) with a thermos of hot soup and something to go with - you will have a nice time in the old part of Nanaimo. There's also the Dinghy Dock Pub which is certainly unique - tho it is pub food and might not suit your budget

        1. hello again- i meant to say that if you type in "Nanaimo" in to the search area at top right of page, you will have some results from 2013

          (Make sure it says "this board"

          also - type in Cowichan or Qualicum or Parksville (separately)

          I believe that the 2013 conversations on this board re: those destinations had some mentions of Nanaimo

          plus you have all those wonderful farms (and some food at the fish dock?) and specialty farmgates around you - not to mention the farmer markets - summer, I know.

          some Vanc Island farm products approved for animal treatment by BC SPCA Farm program

          let us know what you discover!

          1. I have family in comox so we are over on the island quite a bit. We don't usually do much in nanaimo foodwise but we do really like the Crow and Gate pub. It's a bit of a drive but well worth it. Classic English style pub in the country. Good food and drink selection, and great atmosphere inside and out. Definitely One of our favourite pubs.

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              Try the Mad Chef in Comox great food check out there menu online. The chicken burger with ham and smoked brie was the best burger I ever had out.

              1. re: daislander

                Thx !
                I'm heading over this weekend so I'll give it a try.

              2. re: jmil

                yes, I forgot about crow and gate - esp in summer - I think it's the setting more than anything isn't it?

                also - for a little vacation in place - consider Yellow Point - the overall experience - they have a food plan - not sure of the quality tho my friend goes there often - has done for many years and lived to talk about it.