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Feb 1, 2014 07:09 PM

Suggestions for condiment for ham sliders

We are bringing a glazed ham to a Super Bowl party. Rather than only offer ham on a plate, we have rye bread and rolls for sandwiches. Of course we can offer a couple different types of mustards but what else can we put out? Any suggestions as to what else would be good on a sandwich so it's not just ham/bread? My mind is a blank. We will have deviled eggs and Manly red potato salad, among other items as accompaniments.


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  1. A chutney of some kind would be nice, maybe a chow chow if you can get? Corn salsa might work as well.

    1. If everybody is bringing something and your contribution is the ham and rolls with various mustards, I would think that's sufficient. If you're concern is presentation, you could always dress up your ham with garnishes, such as some green leaf lettuce?

      1. Some thoughts: cheese, sliced tomatoes, salad spring mix, mayo (maybe flavored mayo, like chipotle), avocado slices, sauerkraut, sriracha, roasted red peppers, pickles of some kind.

        1. Pimento cheese

          Pickled Veggie Slaw (no mayo; various veggies like cukes, carrots, onions, hot & bell peppers, etc.)

          1. How can no one have mentioned Swiss cheese?

            I like coleslaw on ham & swiss, plus mustard.

            The carrot and daikon slaw that tops banh mi sandwiches, which also have thin spears of fresh cucumber, is good. The slaw dressing is simply white vinegar, sugar, and a little water.