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Feb 1, 2014 06:44 PM

Charlotte? will be visiting for a week middle of April 2014, whats good?

Will be spending the days at the speedway, will be looking for good food, nice atmosphere, casual dining in the evenings. Oh, I guess I need to mention we live in the New Orleans area so we know good food. What can you recommend that will compare to what we are use to.

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  1. Where in Charlotte will you be in the evenings? Have a car? How far are you willing to drive? Charlotte is a large, sprawling place.

    Here are a few suggestions, in no particular order:

    Bistro La Bon
    Greek Isles
    Soul Gastrolounge
    Lang Van
    The Kings Kitchen
    Good Food on Montford
    Georges Bresserie
    The Liberty

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      Thanks for the suggestions. I will search for reviews and recommendations :)

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. I guess I need to add, we will have a car, a Mustang to be exact. Be prepared to see a lot of Mustangs! The speedway is hosting the east coast 50th Anniversary celebration of the Ford Mustang. Staying near I-485 looks to be about half way between downtown and the speedway. Would like to keep the drive down to approx. 30 minutes? either from the speedway or hotel.

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          I should add that Charlotte can't compared to NOLA, obviously, so my advice would be temper your expectations. Your hotel location is a culinary wasteland, as far as I know, and so is the speedway area.

          Th Plaza Midwood and Uptown (as our central business district is referred to) areas are within your 30 minute parameter. The Southpark and Ballantyne areas probably aren't.

          Of the places I listed above, all but Good Food and Georges are in Plaza Midwood and Uptown.

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            The food scene has gotten a lot better in the last couple of years - unfortunately there aren't many options up by the speedway. If you are willing to venture into the Southpark area (south of Uptown) or along Central Ave (East of Uptown), here are some good options:

            Soul Gastrolounge - tapas style and sushi. AMAZING pork belly taco dish, btw.
            Barringtons - small, intimate upscale bistro. Everything is good on the menu, plus nice wine bar around the corner for afterwards (or before!)
            Copper - upscale, modern Indian in a Victorian home setting. A little odd but it works.
            Customshop - Exceptional modern american near Uptown.
            Halcyon - Farm to Table in Uptown itself - excellent.
            Spoons - Traditional NC BBQ on South Blvd, South of Uptown.
            MACS Speedshop - another BBQ option on South Blvd, but close to Uptown
            Illois Noche - Cool mediterranean in Ballantyne (near 485). The pork ribs and dip sampler are stellar.

            Have fun!

          2. actually, Nick & Jim's BBQ is out by the speedway, and it's really pretty decent. i know it's a chain, but they don't have that many restaurants, and they do a more than adequate job. i'd go there over the "exceptional" Customshop any day of the week. unless, that is, you like your waiters to lean in close with intense cigarette breath. my gf and i did like Soul Gastrolounge a lot. note that it's a loud, high energy place.

            Lulu, Lang Van, and Good Food on Montford are all very nice places. the service @ Lang Van is extraordinary (the food is very good but my experience of other Vietnamese rests. is limited, so i have little basis for comparison.)

            5Church is okay, if soulless corporate & slick are your bag.

            if you think you're gonna get any sort of food love like the food love one finds in NO, you're gonna be disappointed. there is no restaurant in Charlotte that will make you want to go to church on Sunday and say "thank you, baby Jesus."

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            1. re: mrwaterslide

              "there is no restaurant in Charlotte that will make you want to go to church on Sunday and say "thank you, baby Jesus.""

              Ever been to Price's Chicken Coop?

              Nick and Jim's (sic) is pretty much the definition of "soulless, corporate and slick.", imo.

              1. re: mrwaterslide

                I just had Duck Hash, potato cake, duck bacon, poached eggs at Block + Grinder brunch and it made me want to say thank you baby Jesus, if I believed in that sort of nonsense.

                1. re: waitress

                  Oooh, I have a gift card that I need to use. They've had a few staff changes in the kitchen and I wanted things to settle down before we returned. This sounds really good... and I'd thank a chef WAY before I thanked supernatural babies. ;-)

              2. If you are here on a Friday, they have food truck Fridays.

                There are some good dive places and ethnic food around Charlotte too!!
                Jack Beagles
                Doan's Vietnamese
                Three Amigos
                Pinky's Westside Grill
                Sushi Guru

                Daytime hole in the wall
                Hinson's Drive In
                Brooks Sandwich Shop
                The Yolk, one is located in Rock Hill, one will be Uptown Charlotte by the time April rolls around!!
                Donut delivery
                JJ Red Hots
                Mr. Charles Chicken