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As part of my New Years Resolution, I've decided I'm going to try at least one new restaurant per month. This month I've decided on Landmarc after recently meeting Marc Murphy. Anyone been there lately- the TWC location? I made a reservation via Open Table for 1. I keep reading about the bone marrow and the sweet breads as well as the dessert sampler [not sure I want to OD on dessert after such a decadent meal]. And of course the wine...

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I had the most incredible rib eye there couple months back. It was served at a wedding reception but waiter told me it's on the menu. Extremely well done.

    1. I prefer Ditch Plains to Landmarc and am interested to try Kingside. i wasn't too impressed with Landmarc on either of my two visits.

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        I don't like Ditch Plains much at all. Landmarc was more impressive (also higher price). I wouldn't say Landmarc is amazing, but I do prefer it to DP

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          The only thing I've had at Ditch Plains is the hot dogs covered in mac and cheese on a bed of French Fries. It's extremely refined.

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            I hope they call it "Plains Poutine".

      2. Great steaks and great burger. Mini ice cream cones for desert are a blast. You wont be dissapointed with your meal. Try to pind a partner so you can try more dishes.

        1. My favorite meal at Landmarc is breakfast.

          I either have Pain Perdu with a side of bacon (thick cut, smoky, not too crisp, yum) or the Eggs en Meurette (poached eggs with chopped bacon, vegetables, in a red wine sauce).

          1. I like Landmarc TWC but just be aware that it's very family friendly -- might be stroller-city while you're there.

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                It's weird but I think all of TWC is very "family friendly".

                I see more moms with strollers in that building than one expect in a shopping area.

              2. TWC's Landmarc is nice. I would place it as elevated-casual dining. Service and food is great.

                Yes, the bone marrow is fantastic! Last time I went (November 2013), I ordered the butternut squash flatbread. It was well done. My roast chicken was only warm when it came out, but the server gladly replaced it.

                1. my 2 cents...

                  landmarc in the TWC is filled with tourists and families (at least during the day). i find it very corporate (it's in the TWC of course).

                  landmarc tribeca i havent been to in at least 7 years. it was pretty forgettable then...so, 7 years later...

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                    I definitely agree about the "filled with tourists" part - even at night, there is a "parking lot" of strollers at the door.

                    However, that aside, the food compensates for it.

                  2. Can we agree that, if AquaAllegoria is committed to trying twelve new restaurants this year, there's no reason to include Landmarc on that list.

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                        I wouldn't say it is bad, but since you are aiming for one new restaurant a month, Landmarc doesn't cut it for Top 12.

                        There are many other restaurants that are well-worth trying than Landmarc.

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                        Yeah, I'd agree (unless she has tried a LOT already and only wants restaurants in a certain neighborhood and doesn't want certain cuisines).

                        Landmarc isn't bad ... but one of 12 ? No.

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                          I mean, it's not the ONLY restaurant I'd be trying, I'm sure it'll be one of at least 3 this month that I'll be going to. This is just convenient for me as I work nearby.

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                            have you been to Marea, Robert, Blue Ribbon, Seasonal, Quality Italian, Betony, Lincoln, and A Voce?

                      3. If Park Avenue NYC is coming back this year, I highly recommend it.

                        The "Summer" menu is superb, though everything they serve there is great.

                        1. Hi there - I actually used to cook there close to ten years ago now. Sounds like not much has changed! My favorite things were the sage, cream and mince orecchiette, the hanger steak with chimmichurri, their shrimp and fried caper salad, along with their chicken sandwiches. Its been a while but id be surprised if most of those are still there.

                          they called me cilantro.

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                            I definitely saw the hanger steak with chimmichurri on the menu. I'm sure the basics are still the same.

                            Cilantro! Fantastic name. Were you an acquired taste? haha.