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Feb 1, 2014 05:39 PM

Recommendations for lunch Monday near airport?

Hi Hounds:

We are vacationing in SD for a month or so and my sister decided to visit us for Superbowl weekend. She flies back out Monday to Oakland on a flight that leaves around 2:45PM. So we wanted to go to lunch before. We were thinking if the weather stays clear that it might be fun to go someplace with a water view on shelter or harbor island or somewhere near the water. But really food quality ease of access and parking will trump view for us. Any ideas or suggestions of places we should go not too far from the airport?

Thanks in advance-you guys have been so helpful! We enjoyed carnitas snack shack today-kind of a line but totally worth it :)

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  1. I like C-Level and Tom Ham's Lighthouse on opposite ends of Harbor Island. Both have a nice water view and in my opinion, good food. And both are right across from the airport, so you shouldn't be stressed for time.

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      Thanks for the quick reply. We actually tried Tom Ham's during restaurant week and it was pretty good-so I am glad to hear an endorsement there. I will check out C-Level as well.

    2. Jimmy's Famous American Tavern is a hop-skip-jump away from the airport. Right on the water with lots of lovely boats. Tavern food, but decent, won't be very crowded on Monday and open parking. Had lunch there today.

      1. Tender Greens in Liberty Station. Or Pizza Nova.

        1. Bali Hai in Shelter Island
          Point Loma Seafoods
          Jimmy's Famous
          Tender Greens
          C Level
          Fish Market Oyster Bar
          Fathom Shelter Island pier

          1. C-Level is my go-to lunch place for visitors. View is 10+; Food is competent. VERY close to airport and easy parking.