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Feb 1, 2014 05:31 PM

Anyone seen Sazerac 6-year-old American straight rye at retail?

Stocked up in NH last time; time to refill. Seen it anywhere around Boston, say, within five miles of the State House?

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  1. I would check with Joe at Federal Wine and Spirits. There are all kinds of things buried on those shelves.

    1. I recall seeing it at Purity Liquors in Central Square, Cambridge, but please call to confirm.

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        1. re: MC Slim JB

          Yes, I always think of that place as Purity Supreme. Back in the day it was a supermarket with booze under that name, but the booze sales must have out done the food (besides being a lower class supermarket dubbed "Poverty Supreme") for they converted it into a liquor store. When I was in there last year, I was impressed that they had more difficult to find spirits like Rittenhouse on their shelves.

          1. re: yarm

            Im pretty sure "they" are different owners :) I think this is the second set of owners, back when the liquor store was parallel with mass ave the people working there were completely different than when the pivoted it around.

            And yes, it's got some surprises, although I've been surprised less over time. It used to be my ace in the hole when it came to whale beer releases, but then they stopped getting them in stock as much and other local beer nuts figured it out as well

            1. re: jgg13

              Supreme Liquors has actually been owned by the same family for decades. The topic came up in a Nov. 2013 Cambridge License Commission meeting. Excerpt from the meeting minutes here.

              THOMAS CIFRINO: "I'm the president of [Supreme Liquors] and the application is for my father who is 88-years-old. And it is part of his estate plan to divest the shares of additional stock....
              My grandfather bought the building in 1920. Ran it as a Manhattan market for a number years and sold it in 1935. My father and uncle bought the building back again in 1965, I believe, and have run it since then. It was Supreme Market, a supermarket, and it became Purity Supreme, and then it became some nondescript grocery store. I don't remember. And we subdivided the building eight years ago. Ten years ago maybe. ...there was a Wendy's restaurant there and a Sleepy's, or Tello's department store and then Sleepy's took over from Tello's. Chipotle took over from Wendy and [that's when] we enlarged the [liquor] store."


              1. re: huuvola

                That's very interesting. The Wendys went in around 2001, previous to that the liquor store was parallel to mass ave and took up the wendys space as well.

                But my recollection was that the people working there were largely sikhs & indians and that changed completely when the store was pivoted. I had assumed that meant a ownership change.

      1. If you feel like traveling a little further, Vinnan Liquors in Swampscott had it a few weeks ago. I'd give a call first to confirm.