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Feb 1, 2014 05:05 PM

Just a heads up in El Monte

Little hole in the wall place that serves great family style Mexican food. Really good pozole and menudo, chilaquiles, and wet burritos. To note, I am usually the only non Hispanic in there. Prices are great.

El Taquito
10217 Valley Blvd
El Monte, CA 91731

Pictured: chilaquiles rojo con carne (carnitas)

I do not really hear about any places in El Monte but this place is definitely worth going to when in the area.

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  1. That looks good. Going to check that out. We've been looking for a new pozole spot.

    1. My only El Monte fave is the Jolly Jug, but those chilaquiles look worth a visit! That's a dish I only just learned about this past year, at Tonny's in Pasadena, but with carnitas and two eggs that looks like a pretty heroic plate. Name and address duly noted, and thanks!

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      1. re: Will Owen

        Heroic might be the best way to describe this dish.

        Also to note, they fry the chips for the chilaquiles to order.

      2. There are actually quite a few notable El Monte places, many of which have been mentioned here (Ho Ho Kitchen, Hoa Binh, BB Garden, Cha Cafe, etc.) and some which haven't but are totally forgettable ( Ming Yuen, Jolly Jug etc.)

        One place that does deserve some mention is WeChat Cafe. A typical HK-style cafe that, for one reason or another, has mastered the art of really grungy but good baked pork chop.

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        1. re: ipsedixit

          Very interesting, but with such a concentrated population of Hispanics you would think more Mexican and Latin cuisines would be represented. I am not very familiar with the area and am always looking for places to eat when I am in the area.

          Thanks for some recommendations.

          1. re: A5 KOBE

            It's like the Chinese food version of Manifest Destiny.

            Slow eastward march until the forces join up with those on the eastern front at Rowland Heights and Diamond Bar.

            1. re: A5 KOBE

              I concur with ipse. The Chinese population of the West SGV is steadily increasing eastward.

              1. re: A5 KOBE

                If you haven't been, I enjoy the empanadas at Tito's Market. People, myself included, usually get the Milanesa sandwich also, but it's just a straightforward, decent sandwich.

              2. re: ipsedixit

                Well, ipse, I certainly haven't forgotten the Jolly Jug, and after the Korean (I think) family took it over it's just gotten better. Don't get down Peck that often these days, but I always try to be hungry when I do. Aside from the great sandwiches, what's cool to me is that it's a sort of local social center; often I'm the only one in there who doesn't know almost everyone else. Makes me homesick for the Midwest.

              3. do they make pretty good bean and cheese burritos, wet style ?????


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                1. re: kevin

                  Not sure, but the beans are good and the wet burritos are too so I would imagine they would be pretty tasty.

                2. Also, made to order sopes. Crunchy on the outside, soft and pillowy on the inside.

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