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Feb 1, 2014 03:05 PM

Singh's Roti Shop, Dorchester

So based on the recent writeup on Serious Eats, the family and I trekked to Dot from Brookline for lunch today. Totally worth the trip! The man behind the counter could not have been more helpful and welcoming. We had phoulores (fried dough balls with a tasty tamarind/vinegar sauce) that didn't make it out the door, a curry chicken and a goat roti, both of which were tasty (the goat was sort of tough) and the big winner: doubles! I would walk there to get more doubles! We will certainly be returning.

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  1. I forgot to say that the doubles are curried chickpeas in a puffy dough "holder". VERY good indeed.

    1. Love that spicy, vinegary pepper sauce!

      Their pumpkin puree is really, really good too. Since the rotis are generally too messy for my slobby self to eat, I order it "bus up shut" ('busted up shirt'), where it's chopped up all into a big scramble.