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Feb 1, 2014 03:04 PM

Cooks Seafood Festival - anyone been?

Saw a groupon for this event at Pier 39. I searched on-line but found no reviews. Is it any good? Thanks!

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  1. All Google finds is this topic. Are you sure you have the name right?

    1. I saw the Groupon too. I think it's "Cork" Seafood Fest.

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      1. re: PegS

        Weird, Amazon says it's at Pier 3, Ticketfly and Songkick list both 1600 Powell and 1600 Market, Groupon says Pier 39.

        $5 for five glasses of "Champagne"?

      2. Thanks Robert for the correction. It's Cork's.

        1. Can't find a lot of info about this...

          1. I think this is a scam. They are advertising a seafood festival at a Portuguese Hall in San Diego and the Hall knows nothing about this.

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            1. re: Toneman

              It's a scam. I just got my groupon refunded. To good to be true I guess.