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Feb 1, 2014 02:34 PM

Jarred Martini olives

Looking for a cheap, let me repeat that, a cheap jarred martini olive for our cocktail time. Moved away from olives a few years ago since most were rank. Recently came back for the protein add.

Kroger brand doesn't do it. And their national brands are sooo expensive--equivalent to $16.00 a pound.

So hoping to get some suggestions here...

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  1. How big of a jar are you willing to tolerate, in an effort to get a good value?
    Costco has a national brand but it may be 48oz+. That's a lot of martinis.
    Ever experiment with spicy pickled cauliflower/carrot/peppers/pickles, even fresh cucumber? Ahh. I love gin. Obviously you could go with a cocktail onion (even made yourself from frozen ones) instead.
    Even Nino's and Randazzo's olive bars have DeLallo olives (good) at less than $10/lb, I'm pretty sure.

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    1. re: VTB

      Thanks for the suggestions, Tom. I think I'll start off my search at the local Nino's olive bar.

      (noticed yesterday when I opened a jar of Old California olives that the ((very)) small print on the label advises to store the opened jar in the 'fridge with a loose cap. Operative words, loose cap. I'll have to see if theres a measurable difference in taste at Cocktail time today.)

      1. re: RedTop

        I did check Nino's today. Not a place with low prices, generally. They had a nice olive bar at the deli. $8.49/lb. Those aren't preserved I don't think (who needs sodium bisulfate anyway). For longer term storage you probably could put them under the surface of vermouth or gin. Jar versions were on offer for $7 per ten oz (drained weight). Still better than your Kroger apparently. Cheers!

    2. Bought a 16 oz jar of Stuffed Queen Sevillano Olives at Trader Joes Friday. They're packed in Spain. They are "queen" sized, thus one to a Martini.

      First thing I've noticed is they do not have the brine sting on the tongue that the mass market jarred olives bring. So I'm eating and drinking quite pleasantly.

      Price for the jar was <$6.00 so that was a win at the checkout. I will try Nino's Olive Bar when this jar runs out. But it may be a one-and-done if the register tape gob-smacks me.