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Feb 1, 2014 12:45 PM

Chobani passion fruit yogurt?

Berkeley Bowl used to carry this but dropped that flavor. Is it regularly available anywhere else between Berkeley and Fremont, SF and San Mateo, or around Palo Alto?

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  1. Target in Fremont (Pacific Commons) has it most of the time when I go, but they do run out (it's a hot commodity!)

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    1. re: marilees

      passionfruit yogurt of any brand is a hot commodity.

    2. Fresh n easy in Mountain View had it today!

      1. Draeger's in Menlo Park has it.

        1. Piazza's in San Mateo also.

          1. I'd never bought this brand of yogurt, so this thread caught my eye. In the absence of passion fruit, I bought pomegranate (a fruit I quite like and not so run of the mill).

            To say it was terrible is to speak in understatement. Cough syrup comes to mind. I'm assuming passion fruit is better.

            But it calls up a larger question.

            In at least some other countries, you go into any food shop; and there are delicious and interesting flavored yogurts. One of my foodie pleasures when I'm in England--right up there with checking out the latest farm-to-table restaurant or street market--is dipping into M&S to grab a rhubarb yogurt.

            But in the U.S., the fruit choices are so limited; and the added sugar content so high, you do best, buying plain and adding your own fruit or jam.

            An entrepreneurial 'hound should do something about this!

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            1. re: sundeck sue

              It can be hard to import foreign yogurts. Le Village (Brisbane) and later the Gourmet Corner (San Mateo) used to import Mamie Nova yogurts from France. I believe Gourmet Corner had to suspend that owing to USDA inspection requirements. I loved them while I could get them and do enjoy trying out interesting flavors while overseas.

              1. re: Peter Yee

                A friend just told me a similar story re, I think, Draegers' importing fabulous French yogurt--her favorites, rhubarb and chestnut--and having to stop because of regs.

                Do you understand what the regulatory issues were? Because it's not that there are no foreign yogurts on the shelves (there are Australian, no?).

                1. re: sundeck sue

                  No. The Noosa brand yoghurt is made in Colorado with Australian cultures. And the Wallaby brand is made in Napa. They're branded "Australian Style."

                  Actually, real Australian is better :)

                  1. re: sundeck sue

                    I believe it had to do with inspection of the factories and certification that they met USDA or FDA health standards for food preparation. Perhaps similar to the issue that arose with importing jamon iberico.

                  2. re: Peter Yee

                    I saw this today.

                    "The Petits Suisses "Petit Monteboug" are back! To reserve them (6$/pack of 6) this weekend, please email or call us at 408-538-0457."


                    1. re: Melanie Wong

                      As far as I know, the Petits Suisses didn't disappear at any of the usual sources. Perhaps because they are considered cheese products? Or the factory that produces them has been approved for export of products to the US?