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Feb 1, 2014 12:01 PM

Crescent City Steak

Wow, how does this place stay in business?

Having never been to this "landmark", we figured it was about time.

Two of us ordered the ribeye, the other had the NY strip.. All were ordered med rare.

1. No char whatsoever. They looked as if they were cooked under a household broiler.
2. Ribeyes were as thin as a Western Sizzlin steak. Strip looked a bit thicker. In all fairness, I must say fillet looked to be a proper thickness as did the porterhouse for two.
3. I ordered mine without butter (in effort to avoid that stewed meat flavor that comes from sitting in buttery juices on a hot plate). It still tasted stewed. Additionally, it was barely rosy. As it sat on the hot plate, it became grey.
5. It was not tender.
4. Service was awful. Not only did our waiter serve, he was the bartender as well.
5. There were only two other occupied tables when we were seated, yet it took 10 minutes to get menus and a drink order taken. Another 10 to get the drinks.

I chose not to send my steak back, preferring to cut my losses and make a quick exit. I knew I would not return.

Oh, our guest opted for the ice cream pie for dessert. It should have come with a chisel instead of a spoon. Lol

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  1. Jazzy, I gave up on them a few years ago, after another forgettable meal. The steak was OK, but the sides and service weren't enough to overcome the nostalgic appeal of the place. Owner is a nice guy, but too many other choices out there. Too bad...

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    1. re: sanglier

      Crescent city is certainly not the best chophouse in toWN but I don't go there for the food,I go for the "place." Perhaps my standards are unfairly high. Still, I love the joint. It is akin to Charlie's: decent and comfortable. I always see my father in there and he died 35 years ago.

      1. re: hazelhurst

        You all summed it up about right. I go on occasion for the atmosphere, but I would never recommend it to an out-of-towner. Go to Mr. John's for a great steak and great sides.

        1. re: shanefink

          Agree re: Mr. John's steaks. Tried their new venture Desi Vega. The space is open and lovely. The menu nearly the same yet, somehow it just wasn't as good (steak wise). Go figure.

          My favorite however, is Besh Steak. Not only are the steaks terrific, other menu selections are Besh quality as well. Get a secluded booth in the back.

          1. re: JazzyB

            we werent crazy about Desi Vega. personally i dont care for the interior -- spacey and white ala Miami south beach or something. the sides were different versions and inferior to Mr. John's...for instance the mushrooms were weird, like a flour-thickened brown gravy instead of the tasty wine reduction mushrooms at MJ. filets were just Meh.

            things just didnt click.

    2. If you were going there expecting A Ruth's experience, you either were misinformed or didn't do any homework. Crescent City is one of those places that needs some experience to enjoy. I have been there enough to know what to order and what not to order particularly the sides and apps.

      SOme sides are decent, some are not very good. I feel that the steaks are fine. SOme could be a little thicker, I agree but the flavor of the aged beef and the tenderness are there. I dined there last week and my strip was cooked to my order, flavorful and tender. It could be cut thicker to my liking, however.

      My friend had the T-bone and he also found it tender and flavorful.

      Other menu items besides the steaks are hit and miss so it takes a few tries to find what you like.

      It is definitely not on the level of the high-end steak houses but I think one can have an enjoyable meal soaking up the old decor of the place.

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      1. re: cornflake10

        It is also lots of fun on Mardi Gras but I don't know as I'd recommend that show to someone out of town...might be a bit much

        1. re: cornflake10

          I went for the steaks, not the sides.

          The number of times you have dined there has no relevance to my experience. Give the skinny, grey ribeye a try and we'll talk. Lol

          We had different experiences. I choose to not return to a steakhouse that serves thin, broiled, overcooked ribeyes. One of those flaws would keep me away. I hit the trifecta.

        2. Always liked the crescent city my steaks have always been good and true the sides are lacking. Have to agree Besh steak is awesome about as good as it gets.