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Eat the Rich and Mockingbird Hill

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For the longest time I looked for menus for ETR and Mockingbird Hill online and couldn't find them. Yesterday, I went there and took pictures of the menus and then I find them online today. WTF! Anyway, their online menu doesn't have prices so my photos still have some value.

At ETR, we had some raw oysters (same ones as are available at Rapphannock Oysters in Union Market, priced the same, $24 for a dozen). I asked if I could order grilled oysters but they said only if I ordered the leg of lamb dish, which came with grilled oysters. We also had some whelks, brandade of salt cod, and fish pie. The whelks were steamed in their shells and served with a mayo dip. The whelks had great texture (slightly crunchy but not tough) but otherwise fairly flavorless. I did enjoy the brandade, which was not overly pungent, and the fish pie, which had minced seafood rather than chunky seafood. It didn't hurt that the pie looked perfect.

At Mockingbird Hill, we tried the American ham sampler and mangalica (which I think they said is a Hungarian pig) that tasted very much like Iberico ham. We also tried to hit Southern Efficiency but it was packed when we rolled in so we left and went barhopping at The Passenger and Hogo. It wasn't a cheap night but it was really fun.

ETA - you can't read the menus so they're basically worthless.

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  1. Ordered the fish pie at Eat the Rich. It looks great and is very rich and satisying. The fish/seafood selected changes with tides, so it won't always be quite the same from one week to the next. Mine had mostly chunks, though, of fluke, shrimp, and I think bass. Served with a tiny side of pickled vegteables which had no flair, but at least cut into the richness of the pie.

    1. Thanks. I'll keep it in mind