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Feb 1, 2014 11:07 AM

looking for pork belly

Anyone know a butcher etc. In the South Eastern Mass area That carries raw pork bellies?

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  1. The Whole Foods meat department in the Amherst store carries them, so possibly the whole chain might.
    (New butcher in Northampton has really nice stuff including pork bellies; would you ever be coming north and west a little? If so, Sutter Meats on King Street.)

    1. Most Asian and Market Baskets have them.

      1. Market Basket usually has them. Some times sliced into small pieces in the pork section, or in larger slabs. I've asked the butcher for whole ones that they've packaged right up for me.

        1. Thanks checked my local market basket no luck but the fella sent me up to the one 30 minutes north and they had it waiting for me... Thanks for the help!