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Feb 1, 2014 10:28 AM

Truckee - Casa Baeza

We've eaten here several times since last summer and I've not gotten around to writing it up.

We love this place! It's on Bridge St. in the next block from Moodys. Seems to be a lot of locals eat there.

They have the best house Margarita we've ever drunk. When you see it's clear and not that murky mix color, you know. And it's a "healthy pour" :


We've eaten various things and liked them all. This time Bob had the chile relleno and we shared the carnitas. He said the CR was good but his fave is still the one at Abel's in Mogul. The carnitas were superb. Obviously fried a bit and then shredded but still some chunks. Generous servings of rice, beans, pico de gallo and guacamole. Oh, and they start you with soup or salad and the albondigas was really good.

In a town as touristy as Truckee, it's nice to get away from at least some of that. HIGHLY recommend.
PS: As you can see from the link, they have a very, very large selection of tequilas!

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  1. Wow...those are some of the best looking albondigas I've seen in a long time...on the list to stop at to or from Janet's! I must say, though, not as sure about the margarita based on the pic: are you saying it has no mix? To me, that sort of fluorescent yellow-green appearance would be an indication of mix, clear or not. perhaps it is just the lighting?

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      Either the lighting or I "over-enhanced" :) Just tequila, triple sec and lime juice. Did I mention they're strong? :)

      1. re: c oliver

        lol....strong margaritas might not be the best thing to drink right before heading down the canyon to Reno. But I am ear-marking it too....might be a great place to refuel after a trip to the mountains....and I agree; the albondigas look great!

        1. re: janetofreno

          Here's my report: Our wanderings took us to Truckee yesterday, so decided to give it a try. Now, I have to temper my response with a warning: we were already a little past our usual lunch time when we experienced minor automobile "issues" as we were pulling into town. Fortunately, Jerry was able to fix it on his own, but it meant a half-hour wait in the parking lot of the auto-parts store while he did so (before lunch). And THEN parking was impossible to find. All of this is my way of saying I wasn't in the best of moods when I entered the maybe I shouldn't judge based on that one visit. I will say the albondigas themselves are wonderful: light and with a hint of epazote. But the broth of the soup seemed a bit thin to me, and the vegetables were over-cooked. Also, the bowl-sized serving is pretty small for looked to me to be the same size as what folks at the adjoining table got with their meals. I had a carnitas taco with it...the carnitas are very tasty, but again, serving size issues bothered me: way too much carnitas for the one thin tortilla it was served on. Most places will give you two tortillas. DH's chili relleno was good, but no tortillas offered with the meal (He had it on a lunch special). 8.75 seems a bit pricey for 1 chili relleno, rice and beans and no tortillas. Maybe that's the Truckee touristy influence. Also, the dining room is small and not attractive at all, and there were several tables uncleared when we walked in. The bar looks like a lot of fun....I would be more likely to go back there than for the food.....